The Naylorius Web Empire Plans For Expansion

Yes, you heard correctly, the Naylorius Web Commission released the news today: the Web Empire will be expanding. Plans have been laid and the new look of the Web Empire will be fazed in over the next few weeks so as to not dissorient any of our citizens or honorary citizens. Please be patient with the reconstruction, and be assured, you will enjoy the changes.

In Other News

The Emperor announced the offical date for the attack on the planet Earth today,click here to find out more about this late-breaking news.

The Following Individuals or Companies have assisted in the reconstruction of the Empire!

A site for the construction of Empire beautifying banners
GrSites.comVisit this construction site to find a beautiful array of tapestries for any Emperor's Web Room
A magnificent source of Web construction supplies
Another marvelous web-tailor of the Banner degree!
Graphics of the more tasteful degree are the only ones that you will find in this website.
A Website ranking utility that is highly reccomended by the Naylorius Web Commission.