September 1, 1998

Where to begin? Let's see. First off, I heard from Sister Dyer yesterday, so now I have a plan for my wrists. I have wrist braces to wear when possible and always at night when I am sleeping... motrin to take 6 tablets of per day. I have a rotation of hot and cold hand soaks that I have to do three times per day and I am not supposed to use my hands to steer my bicycle whenever possible, that means to use the handlebars as little as possible. Anyhow, that is the list that I got. It is a 6 to 8 week program and if I comply with it I may be able to see a doctor at the end of the program... interesting huh? I got all of this without even having to go and see a doctor. Oh well, hopefully it will work, because if it doesn't it will have been an expensive flop for me. So I got this list of things to buy from Sister Dyer and last night I went out and got all of it that I could afford and now we will have to wait and see when comey comes in so that I can get the rest of it. I tried to get money out with my U of U Credit Union card, but that didn't work so I am high and dry. Then today Elder Bauman gave us a ride to 5 mile and Stewart so that we could go teach a media referral but she diched us, so we began the trek home on foot. About halfway there, we stopped at the Quintenilla's and they fed us and then they gave us a ride home. And then Brother Quintenilla tried to give me the money that I needed to be able to buy the other brace, but Elder Hammond graciously refused for me, which is fine because I hate to take money from members. Food and rides are one thing, but money just doesn't seem right. Oh well, that brings us to todya and that is where I will stop for now. Bye bye, Jake.

September 2, 1998

Today was fun. We started out with a very interesting District Meeting - complete with Elder Bauman's new companion, Elder Buswell? I think. Anyway, let's just say he is a good loud Kentuckyian through and through. But then we had the car and we got our bike stuff from the old bike shop in Mission - the cheapest place that I have ever seen - and the owner - a 75 year old man is nice and friendly and if you talk to him, he will let you use his tools as you visit. He has done a lot of things in his life time. After that we went out to teach a media referral and after we taught her she referred us to her next-door neighbor, and even went as far as to take us over to his house. Then to end the day, we went off to Sister Chavez's to help with the service project again. And your's truly yes, even I, the great Elder Naylor dug most of the trench for the water line myself - (with the help of a trencher) It was tons of fun. Sister Chavez is so cool. But alas, I feel that I am keeping Elder Hammond up, so I best be off... ta ta, Jake

September 5, 1998

You are going to love what happened today. First off, we went to ward corellation late because Elder Bauman had baptismal interviews with the Garza children. Wut when we got there we got to witness a Mantle Family argument. It was over who was going to mow the lawn in the rain. Then after corellation we went home for Elder Hammond's beauty nap afterwhich we went to Sister Chavez's and finished her home's water pipes, and then we home taught her with the Bishop. While we were at Sister Chavez's we began hearing popping sounds coming from the orchards that surround Sister Chavez's home. Well, guess what the sounds were... HUNTERS! But there must have been a hundred of them or so in that one grove... and every now and then we would get to see them as they ran from tree to tree. I later found out that it is because it is Quail Hunting Season. But I tell you, it felt like I was in Bosnia or some other war zone.

September 7, 1998

Another day wasted. Oh, what to write? You know I was about to tell you how dumb the day was today, but when I wrote that first sentence I had to stop because I remembered the story about the father and the son and the fishing trip. Yep, the same one that I told you about a while back. Well, I am tired and ready to go to bed - so ight night. I shall return in the morning. Love you! Jake.

September 8, 1998

Here I am, right here at the Stake Center, waiting for interviews once again. Well, that is all I wanted to tell you... ta ta Jake.

September 13, 1998

There is a plant on the kitchen counter that is slowly dying. It was okay when I got here but I could see that it hungered for light, so I moved it into the kitchen and it took off. It was so healthy and beautiful, I was happy whenever I noticed it. But then I started to neglect it just a bit and one day, when it was especially windy, the plant blew off the counter and fell into the sink upside down. It was badly dammaged, but could have survived had I taken care of it like I should have, but instead I plopped it into the container and then smooshed some of the leftover dirt ontop of the bare roots, and then I put it back onto the counter and left it. Well, the plant did okay at first, and I continued to take "care" of it like I had been doing for a while now, but one day the leaves began to go brown and soon after they were mushy, then all of the newer leaves went a bright yellow. I pulled off all of the brown leaves and then watered the plant... a few days later I noticed that my friend was dying. I began to cry and realized that my neglect had caused the death or sickness of my plant. The reason that I am telling this to you is because I think that my companion is dying also, and it is probably my fault. When I first got here, he was a pain, but I worked with him and eventually he and I became friends. After two months of hard work, we began to have sucess and things were looking up, then one day I stopped helping, and started being less understanding. Through neglect I think that my companion will go home with less of a kick for missionary work than he had when we were working for it. Interesting, don't you think. Life can parrallel with a lot of interesting thins. Hopefully I learned my lesson here and you can learn from my mistake.

September 19, 1998

Life is a funny game. If you know what I mean. Elder Hammond is leaving in three days and that means that I will be getting a new companion. But you know what? I am tired of all of this. It may sound silly, but with Elder Hammond I just don't feel like a missionary anymore, well, at least not a full-time one anyway. Oh well, Elder Hammond is ready for bed, so I shall be off. But just so you know, I am tired and sad about a lot of stuff that you are going to hear about at a later time. So, for now, this is Elder Naylor signing off from his roach infested bed in his roach infested apartment... I love you. Jake

September 21, 1998

Greetings this beautiful (I think, I am not really awake yet.) Preparation Day morning. Elder Hammond is asleep on the floor and I am in the chair at the end of the zone leader's living room... we are doing our laundry right now. I am tired but I will make it.. Jorge called us last night drunk as a skunk. Well at least we know what is going on with him. So ther is bombshell numero uno, and bombshell numero dos is one that I am not at liberty to discuss at the current momment... so I shall skip it... Well, that is about it for now... I will write in more often, I promise. Jake