May 2, 1998

First off, before I even get started today, I want to appologize. I have been somewhat slack in writing because a LOT has happened lately... First off, on Sunday the 26th of April our neighbor went bollistic and caused some huge shock waves at the church building - I wrote home about this one on a whole typed page letter - so for now, suffice it to say - she was very upset that an illegal immigrant family had been baptized and she basically told everyone that she was going to make it her mission in life to get that family sent home. And as she stated that, she also said that it was her first priority in life, above God and the laws of the land. But anyway, moving on, the other new news is that transfers were on the 30th and Elder W~ was transfered to Roma and Elder H~ was transfered in to take his place. And the good news is that with Elder W~ gone, the apartment stays generally clean and the general obedience to the mission rules has increased dramatically. And then, for the last bit of the data download, I have something extra special for you... Elder S~ and I went down to the border today (April 30, 1998) and saw the river and Elder S~ had the desire to throw a rock over to Mexico, and, though it took him several tries, he finally did it! I tried also, but my rock couldn't cross half the river, let alone the whole thing. Oh, one other new thing is that Elder S~ is now District Leader and that means that I am the District Leader's companion and the really good news is that I have a car to drive. Probably not for too long, because Elder S~ should be driving, but since his liscense is expired, I get it for now. :) Oh happy day! Jake

May 3, 1998

Okay, okay, so I missed yet another day, I am sorry! But nothing happened yesterday, however today, was really cool (I think). Everything went well, I got to miss correlation (not like it makes a whole ton of a diference at all anyway) because I was trying to find Lupita Cano, a media referral at home with Elder M~. She was not home, but we did teach her Dad and it was O.K. Then ther was a baptism of four children - the Mom and Dad couldn't be baptized because they aren't married, but they wanted their kids to be baptized so they were. Then we all went to K-mart and we got some pillows and then on to McDonald's to continue with our Saturday tradition... Then we went home and out again - we went and got my pictures from HEB and then went out to visit the Nunez family (Ricky and Suzy) to make sure that they were planning on going to church on Sunday. Then we went to the Castillo's and after that we stopped by the Barragan's to invite them to church and to wish Jolinda a Happy Birthday. I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE they will come! And then finally we came home a little early to see if we could find some people some rides and we did and thus the day was completed! Goodnight! But before I go I just wanted to say that it is fast Sunday tomorrow and that it is soooooo hard not to get a drink when it is so HOT! But enough complaining for one day, I will talk to you later Dude! Jake

May 4, 1998

Hello again, well today is the real May 4th so I suppose that I didn't really need to appologize for missing a day yesterday because I didn't miss a day! Anyhow, today was not a fun day for me! I did not get a letter to my family written, and I spent about two hours watching Elder S~ play the great and abominable sport, basketball. Then without getting the chance to do e-mail, we went and got Elder S~ his liscense, at a great price for me - at least. You see, missionaries are a team of two - unseperable unles by the authority and permission of God and the Mission President, but today Elder S~ taught me that this rule in particular is not very important. You see, the driver test lady said that I needed to get out and wait during the road test... I started to explain that we couldn't do that and she said, "It's either he gets out or no test." and without even letting me suggest calling in and getting permission Elder S~ said, "He gets out!" Now, I was in shock for a moment and then I got out of the car and watched Elder S~ drive away, thus, off went my companion - and I was alone. I felt used for some reason, and Elder S~ really hurt my feelings today - he appologized later, but my heart still hurts. I am tired! Time for bed, Love ya! Jake

P.S. here is something that I wrote about the whole experience.


Leftover baggage
thrown aside
Heart-breaking pain
all around me,
despised darkness
encircles me,
I hear it call.
It comes for me,
but I run away
all alive in me.
Promised a companion,
aid, I find it gone
Life's vast whirlpool
moving rapidly
I am the center
for the help evades me
No one hears me,
screams reduced to a whisper
what to do, no way out

May 10, 1998

Greetings once more oh unfrequented thing, my dear journal. But anyway - the thing that I wanted to tell you about is that the Mission President finally told some people that our correlation wasn't going how it should, so yesterday, the Stake Mission President came to our correlation meeting and fixed almost all of the problems, or at least tried to. And then, the other item on the news bulletin is that Elder S~ and I finally had our companionship inventory, and we talked for a super long time and we talked about everything... Wnev things that we have been dealing with for super long times. I think that we now understand eachother a little bit more. It helped me tons! And, on top of that, we have been getting along much better ever since. Also in the news is that today is Mother's Day and I get to call home, the only bad news is that I don't get to call home on Father's Day this year, yes the rule changed again and thus, no phone call home except on Mother's Day and Christmas! Alas, it is time for me to get going... Love you! Jake

May 11, 1998

Okay, Elder S~ is calling in the stats right now so I have a quick momment. I called home yesterday and talked to everyone for one hour and fifteen minutes and then went to a pay phone and called Grandma Pugsley for a few minutes and then Grandma Naylor and that gang, and then i called home again and talked to my Mom and Christie for another hour... Anyhow it was good for me to call home - but as for today, I went fishing with the zone and caught a sting ray - of course I threw it back, but it was cool to finally catch something for once in my life. But alas, another Preparation Day has come and gone and off to work I go - I need to plan a Spanish lesson for the District Meeting tomorrow. So, off I go... he he he love ya! Jake.

May 13, 1998

Yet another blow to feeble me... My family is moving once again... that is all, just wanted to let you know. Jake

May 19, 1998

Okay, I appologize for lacking in just about everything... But I don't really feel like writing about the bad week I have had, you know how it goes... I am sick, so is my companion, bike accident, torn pants, broken bike, family is moving, hard life (he he he), you know how it goes. I am actually in the chappel right now, waiting for interviews. Elder Jergensen is playing the piano and Elder M~ is playing the organ, or rather, trying to play the organ... and they are not exactly complimentary to each other, yet they are still doing much for the relaxation of Jake. I will be back later... bye-bye. Jake

Okay, well interviews are going late again so Elder S~ and I cleaned out the baptismal font, so now I wait again.

Okay, I am back, I got to talk to President and he made everything better... just like he always does... I swear (not really) that man can take any sized problem and fix it in about two or three words, he is AMAZING!

May 20, 1998

In the news for today, Elder Hayes was hit by a car last night on his way home form interviews. He was pretty stunned from the whole incident, but is okay now, just has some big cuts and bruises, but not anything that the Emergency Room couldn't handle. he was riding his bike at the time of impact and Elder M~, his companion says that it looked like the car was trying to hit him, and those dumb teenage drivers hit him, BOOM! He is being a good sport about it though. Keep in touch! Jake

May 22, 1998

today was a dumb day. It started out bad and the bad streak just kept on going through the entire day, and it wasn't even my fault this time! Goodness gracious, I am getting tired of this emotional roller-coaster of a mission that I am having. But back to today, it started off poopy, remember? With a poopy Elder S~ not willing to wake up, so no companionship study, then we went tracting, but the poopy Elder S~ wasn't in the mood for that, so I suggested we take the car in like we were supposed to and it took three hours so the poopy Elder S~ also became an angry Elder S~. After that the day turned around and was okay, but by that time I had gotten the poopy mood rubbed off onto me and so now I am the one with the poopy mood... Aye de mi! Alas, life goes on, and I also want to tell you that I think that I am going on splits tomorrow - but who knows, these District Leaders just do whatever pleases them at the moment. And I don't know why, but every time I hear the word splits, my heart skipps a beat and my stomach falls... Good Greif! What a cray life huh? Jake

May 23, 1998

I have such a huge headache right now - words can not describe it. I am definately nor a very good teacher of the gospel - I had such a terrible night... Arrgh. Okay, let's see, where to begin - Well, the day started off just great (whatever) with correlation, then we continued on to McDonalds as our normal Saturday after-correlation-stress-reliever then came back to work on the membership list that the bishop had given us to work on, and after that we went to Jims and I had the longest night of my life - lets just say this - a drunk man enter into the discussion and chases away the spirit and then leaves and Jim is not the same after that and the fourth that we were teaching bombs out and burns! What a bummer. I am tired! Jake

May 27, 1998

Well, I have a ton of things to write about and I don't know where to start. Right now my stomach is nervous. I think that Elder S~ is going to be leaving tomorrow. I don't want him to go anywhere. We have become good friends recently and I am not ready for a new companion. I am not in the mood for writing, so I will come back later.

Well, the transfer call just came in and guess what? Elder S~ and I are both out of here and so is Elder M~. Which means that Elder H~ is in charge of seeing Lisa and Naomi through baptism... He better not mess it up! Well, back to packing! Bye!

May 29, 1998

Well, here I am again, just thought that I would let you know that I have been in my new area for a whole day now (Mission North) - Interesante! And, for however sad I am for leaving Donna, I am excited to be in a new area... It seems like the members are way active and that they act more like a real ward here. I don't know if I like my new area right now or not, but I will decide and let you know after correlation meeting and then church on Sunday. As for my new companion, Elder Hammond, I don't really know what to say... He is from Canada - has a wierd sense of humor that I haven't been able to understand yet, sleeps tons, and lots of other things. But on the good side, he knows his charlas and from what I can tell is very good at being bold. Something that Elder S~ never taught me. But gosh - I really miss that guy.

May 30, 1998

Okay, well, church is over for today and Elder Hammond got us three dinner appointments for the week, shich is pretty cool. But I still miss Donna. I wonder how Lisa and Naomi are doing, and if they went to church today. Hello, I just thought that I would stop in and let you know that I am doing absolutely nothing right now as I wait for the baptism service for Elia later tonight. So chow, for now. Jake

Okay, I am once again ready to write just a tad little bit more in here. Elia's baptism was wonderful. She was so happy and ready for it. I think that her children will follow her example and be baptized soon... At least I hope so. But I do need to go, you see, tomorrow is preparation day, and the Elders here like to get up early to play basketball - which means less sleep, and you know how I love my sleep! So I will have to write more about that tomorrow. Jake