June 2, 1998

Back am I. So let us get you updated on the new things that are happening in my life... First off, yesterday was the least stressful day that I have had for a Preparation Day in my entire mission. First we went to basketball in the morning at 6 a.m. Then we did our laundry, went shopping, and then spent a good four hours at the library doing all of that good computer stuff that Elder Sigg hated to do. Then we went back home and piled the rest of the day. but as for today, we (Elder Hammond and I) got free corte de pelos at a member's barbershop and then we were fed by a member - some good mexican foor and then we visited a member for the evening - so another day has come and gone and not much else to say, bye-bye, Jake

June 3, 1998

So, I leave for a moment - just a day really and what do you know - it's time to write in again - and there is so much to say also. First off - District Meeting was fun, I forgot how different it is to have Sisters in the District, (good different). Then we had service at the Police Station, they had us clean out the shed, we helped out tons. After that, we went to Sister Gutierrez's for a yummy Mexican lunch and then back to the Police Station for more service, and then home for a nap - and then out again for a baptismal celebration at elia Gonzalez's. Where we had lasagne, salad, bread and of course, you can't celebrate anything without cheescake and icecream. Marvelous darling, simply marvelous. And then back home again after that. We taugh 0's today but tomorrow will be better - I have faith that it will be so. Sister Evan's and Sister Gonzalez seem to have become fairly good friends... it is wonderful. Happy Day, Jake

June 4, 1998

So what do you do when your companion hates you? That is what i would like to know. The day started off just fine - then Elder Follett called and from then on it all went downhill. My companion was furious that I had complained about not having a doorknob on the front door. Can you imagine? How could I have been so stupid as to think that a doorknob is something important to have? How dumb could I have been? So we left the apartment unhappy and went off to clean the attic of the Alton Police Department for service... and guess what? Elder Hammond caved in the ceiling of the Alton City Hall. (The attic covers both the City Hall and the Police Station) Needless to say that we won't be going back to offer them service for awhile. Then we went home for lunch - My companion wanted to sleep but I made an appointment right after lunch so we had to go... he was so mad at me. Alas... it is time for bed. Or past time rather - and I don't have any more energy to fight with my companion tonight so off I go, into the wild blue yonder... Jake

June 7, 1998

Holy Cow! What a day! Daniel Morelos was baptized today, it was good. President Dyer came and blessed us with his prescence once again... Gotta love him! But the thing that I want to talk about is this, Elizabeth is sooo shy that she has been hard to teach, but today, sister Dyer spoke with her and a few minutes later Elizabeth (9 years old) reached up and gave her the cutest little hug... one of those hugs to last for an eternity, one of those hugs that make you hug-happy... so I hugged Elder Peterson and Brother Zavala... Oh, I also forgot to mention that Danny was baptized by Elder Hammond. What a day Silly Goose, what a day! Woogie, Jake

June 10, 1998

Well, I don't really feel like bringing you up to date right now, so I just want to tell you that the last two days have been full of service at a lady's home (no, I don't know her name) who really needed the help because she has an autistic son (Bruno) who has pretty much trashed the house. Anyway, we helped her out tons and then we taught a preschool class a first discussion (by invitation) and then we went to a members home (the Garcia's) for a huge mexican dinner of rice (good rice) yummy beans, and cheese enchiliadas, I am stuffed! and I am Jake

June 11, 1998

Dear Missionary Journal Reader - today was definately a waste of missionary time and a good day for engordaring.... Yep, today we found ourselves at Sister Evans seated before a table of marvelous ribs, the kind that melt in your mouth. homemade potatoe salad, salad, and warm dinner rolls, as well as fresh veggies in a butter sauce! Yummy! And then for desert we enjoyed two kinds of ice cream, rocy road and French Vanilla. After dinner I shared a scripture with the family (D&C 122:5-End) and we got a ride home! Lovely, just Lovely! Jake

June 16, 1998

Okay, I am back! and here you go, this is what I want to write today, I found a cool poem, actually Elder Christ showed it to me, so here you go!

Beginning With Today

Empty pages of the journal
glare in pale anger at me
as I quarrel with words:
Words - to be the legal tender
for all my private and public debts;
words - in pots watched towards the cautious
boil, so no one is burned;
words - blunt, cold, and drab in notion,
without a chuckle beneath the
strain of recording;
words - ungaurded startlers, contaminators
contributing to shortened lives
into the next generation.

No wonder the pen is silent!

Opening the journal,
I stop worrying words
and write from love.

By: Mildred Barthel

And thus I am here, happily writing away. Guess what happened today? The president interviewed me today. Jake

June 21, 1998

I am so sorry! I really must repent and write to you more often. Can you believe 5 days of my mission have gone by and I have not had much to sya? But just so you know, my mission life is still moving and i have not been carried off by any large cockroaches as of yet! but for now I am in the chappell waiting for Elizabeth's baptism... isn't it neat... I will be back after the baptism. Jake

June 24, 1998

Well I had a few minutes of free time and I wanted to write in and let you know what has been going on for the alst few days so here you go. I went on splits with Elder Peterson yesterday and it was pretty cool. He is definately not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught a lot of cool people and went all over the place. It was fun. But anyhow, that is all that I have to say.

June 26, 1998

Back am I, and I come bearing good news. I am a hopeful candidate for a laptop computer to start typing my journal instead of this handwriting thing. Elder Hammond wants my homemade wood clipboard and I want his laptop, so we agreed to trade when he goes home... fun huh? Well, I just wanted to share my excitement with you... I am waiting for Brother Zavala to come and get us and take us to Rachael's! So tata for now. Jake

June 30, 1998

Every single joint in my body aches right now, I think that it is because I have been coughing alot this last little bit. I must be getting old. I am sorry that I have been slacking off these last couple of weeks, but it can't be helped, I have absolutely nothing to say. Life is pretty boring right now; but I have been having some pretty fun dreams... two nights ago I dreamed that I was a Missionary Navy Seal... neat huh? Well, that is it for now, hopefully tomorrow I will get that box that Mary Simmons sent me... and if I don't, I am going on strike until I do get it. Hah! Jake