April 1, 1998

Okay, back again, it's 9:30 and I have a few minutes - so I will tell you about e-mail - because it is a quicky - so anyway - I feel liberated (at least somewhat) from the remedial form of communication that actually uses paper and such barbaric - anyhow - I just wanted to let you know that in one week I got 22 messages, which is a whole heck of a lot more than I ever got on paper. Thus, I am super happy! Yes Siree! But alas, time to get ready for library service - I love this place! Be back soon, Jake

April 2, 1998

Okay, I am finally back! Let's talk! So anyway, on to Jesse! Jesse is someone who Elder Nelson and I contacted while on splits in my area, and though he is a wacky guy - he is golden. You see we taught him a first on March 24, 1998 and he invited us back the next Tuesday, so on March 31, 1998 we went back and taught him a second and he wanted to skip the whole thing and talk about baptism first. After about 5 requests to speak about baptism - we just consented, (you don't have to twist my arm toooo much!) and come to find out, Jesse doesn't feel like his baptism into the Catholic Church counted because it was done while he was a child and he didn't consent to it and he doesn't remember it. By the end of the conversation, Jesse had accepted the baptismal invitation which had been extended by Elder S~. Also, while speaking with him and not even mentioning the rules of the church, Jesse told us that he was going to have to give up beer, and partying the way that he has been partying. Anyway, that was the first time that anyone had ever accepted the baptismal invitation so whole-heartedly and it was quite a testimony builder for me. He even went so far as to ask us when the date for his baptism would be and then when we gave him a choice of three different dates, he chose the closest, April 11, 1998... So anyway, my hand is asleep and I am done with Jessee, so I will be back later! Ooops, I forgot to tell you that I participated in a non-member blessing for my first time - it was for Josee Cantu, a women that we wanted to teach, but she looked like she was going to die, so we gave her a blessing and she perked right up and on we went. Anyhow, we are going back to teach her later this week, and I will let you know what happens! Love ya! Jake

April 4, 1998

Hooray, it's General Conference - and I had a moment free so here I am - and I am doing just great. My companion and I are going through tough times right now, I am trying hard, but it just doesn't seem to be working. Elder S~ and Elder C~ were really close, in fact the way I hear about it is through Elder S~ telling me what I am not! We need to talk, I suppose that is just it! I will get back to you later... Jake

April 8, 1998

Someone once said "Come follow me!" these simple words now lead the earth. The world stands amazed at the hearts that he raised and the joy that he brought to pass. And now within my heart I will sing this phrase, "Ill follow the." Today was a pretty nice day, everything seemed to pass pretty well. We taught Jesse a fifth discussion and yet again his determination and faith astound me! Wow is all that I can say! Jake.

Do you ever just feel like screaming? I do right now, AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH! I guess that is a dumb thing to write but I just felt like I needed to do it so I did. Ha! Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that I am still frustrated. I don't feel like a missionary and I am one! Oh well, tomorrow is Zone Conference and I am hoping that I can get my spiritual batteries re-charged. Hope, hope, hope - but anyway - I will write you back tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Night-night, Jake

April 11, 1998

Okay, to bring you up to date, Zone Conference was a major battery charger for my missionary life. But as for the new news, remember that Jesse guy that I was telling you abolut a few days ago? Well, he was baptized today. I was able to do the actual baptism, and that was wonderful... He had such a peacful look on his face as he came out of the water. I knew that he felt the cleansing. I am so happy for him and con not wait until he gets the Gift of the Holy Ghost tomorrow. It will be great! Jake.

April 12, 1998

Well, the day is just beginning and, while I don't really have much to say about today, I do want to bring you up to date on the new news that is going on in my life. We had another run-in with the neighbor, and boy oh boy does she know how to use language in it's most despicable forms. And in case you can't tell, we are no longer on good terms with our neighbor. Also, the Perez family is going to be baptized today after church, and I will write in later to tell you how that goes. Yesterday was Jesse's baptisim and it was the best organized one that I have seen yet. And I had him write whatever he felt like writing on the next page, so here you go...

I wish to thank everybody that came to my baptism. I didn't expect to see so many good people all around me. Thanks Sigg and Naylor for helping me through this special day.

April 17, 1998

Yes, I am finally back, so let's get started - Yesterday was quite a day! We went out at 10:30 and didn't get back until 6:30. First we went to the Santiago's then we went to Candy's and visited him, (boy do those two places have some talkers) after which it was 3:30. After that we went to Jesse's to celebrate his birthday and we watched Trail of Hope which is a Mormon Pioneer story and was really good. We didn't leave his home until around 6:20 or so - and as we were biking home, we remembered that Ethyl, the librarian that we volunteer for at the library had wanted us to come in and pick up a cake that she was going to make for us. Well, we were supposed to meet her in the morning, but we had forgotten, so we missed her, I felt REALLY BAD! Later on in the night, we talked to a woman who, when we asked her what a prophet could do for us today, responded, "get us a new president" Ha! It was soooo funny! Well, that is all for now, other than the fact that interviews are today! whoopee! Hey, just a question: Have I ever broken a promise? No, Good! Talk to you later, Jake

April 18, 1998

Okay, I just have a moment free, and I just wanted to let you know that I got a good news package from Travis! Fully Loaded! You see, he sent me a medical tricorder! (he he he - Finally!) and also found within the box are a computer & Star Trek Voyager magazines, cadburry cream eggs, and an autographed picture of Chakotay! Good day, oh and on top of that, he sent me about 30 pictures of the Star Trek convention as well as 2 Easter cards and a HUGE letter - but enough of that - gotta go eat what Elder S~ made me for dinner! Chow babe!

April 19, 1998

Well, in case you haven't noticed, I am back to black ink - the gold pen that I have is getting somewhat dry - but I just thought that I would drop in and let you know that - you see, I am waiting for the bathrrom so that I can pee - but other people keep beating me in - so cross your fingers! Jake

April 23, 1998

It is amazing how much can happen in just a few days! First off, Ramsey C~ an investigator ready for baptism, was sent to boot camp for 6 months as a punishment for a past crime. Oh the unhappy Elders we were when we went to his house and his wife Sandra said that he would be gone for 6 months... :-( Then one of Elder W~ and Elder M~ investigators nephews dissapeared on Friday and was found dead yesterday. His body had been mutilated and skinned as if some sort of sacrifice. It was terrible. But on the good side, Elder S~ and I worked out some of our differences and we are getting along better. So today ended the last few days nicely... But it is bed time so I shall go... Jake