Welcome to Naylorius

Hello and welcome to the Empire of Naylorius! All who care to enter are welcome and invited to share in this wonderful empire's great and unimaginable lifestyle. My name is Beverly and it will be my pleasure to take you on a tour of the Empire at your leisure. I am here to help you enjoy your stay here today as an honorary citizen of Naylorius. All Hail to Emperor Jaco!

An Inside Look at the Naylorius Empire and its Emperor
Imperial Archives: Visit the Imperial Archives to browse the Imperial files and correspondence from yester-year to today!
What is New in Naylorius: Venture into this link to discover the most recent news from Naylorius!
My Photo Album: Click here to view some pictures of the Emperor and those with whom he associates. Some of the pictures are LARGE, please be patient.
What is Naylorius?: A complete insider's look at the Empire of Naylorius
WebChat:The Web Empire's Chat Rooms, give them a visit, I am sure that you will enjoy them!
Christlike Attribute Worksheet:A wonderful place to test your Christlike attributes and see what you could use a little bit of work on. Plan to take at least 20 minutes to work through this one.
The Attributes of an Emperor Self Mastery Worksheet:We all dream of power and prestige like the emperors of old had. Find out if you have what it takes to become one yourself today. Plan to take at least 20 minutes on this one.
The Web Emprie's Poetic Side: Many poets dream of being published; some actually make it... Well we didn't want to have to wait for someone else to publish these, so we did it ourselves.
The Harvester Awards: Many missionaries try, but few actually make it... The Harvester Award Requirements.

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