The Naylorius Imperium

Curiosity killed the cat, but it shan't kill you. Welcome to the demographical sector of the Empire. Here you will be able to find out the answer to that one great and nagging question that everyone is asking... WHAT IS NAYLORIUS?

The Empire

Looking out across the valley, you can see the bustling of a huge Metropolis below. Your body goosebumps as the soft morning breeze brushes against you, bringing the warmth of the rising sun. Soon, a new day will have begun and you will return to the city... But, until then, time seems to stand still. You stand transfixed as the sunlight kisses the city shielding and creates a soft glowing dome upon the city's skyline. With a small shiver, you glance up and just catch the last of the planet's five moons slipping away into the twilight once again. Climbing onto the Pegasaur that you rode to the top of the valley walls, you begin your descent and the city grows larger upon the horizon. In a few moments you reach the outer walls and enter the city gates... You are in Nayloria.

Nayloria, with it's beautiful towers, palaces, and gardens is the most inviting and scenic city in the Naylorius Empire. Founded by the citizens of the empire in 1643 A.D. (Earth Standard Time) as a gift for their emperor, the city has grown and become the Empire's Capital City, and the gem of the galaxy.

City of Naylorius
General Statistics
Population: 54,345,986
City Size in square miles: 1,287,983.54
Average Annual Income: 39,987.46 Denids ($78,987.34 American Dollars)
Average Family Size: 8