September 1998

1 - Elder Ricks was transferred after two weeks. Poor Greenie. Splits with Brother Zavala, I got my wrist braces. (011)

2 - District Meeting. Burger King for breakfast. Money is in. Service at Sister Chavez's (200)

3 - Service at Sister Chavez's all day long. Dinner at the Garcia's (000)

4 - No mail again. :( I am sunburned. Taught MariaElena another first. (100)

5 - Correlation Blunder. Elder Bauman didn't show up. Service at Sister Chavez's (000)

6 - Church. Brother Child wants me to go to his clinic. Dinner at the Avalos' (110)

7 - Preparation Day. All our appointments cancelled on us. :( (000)

8 - Interviews. Ate all the pizza that I could at CC's. Splits with Brother Davila and Brother Garcia. (123)

9 - Sick day! Splits with Brother Reyna cancelled. Hurricane is coming. (000)

10 - Splits with Brother Mantle. Appointments cancelled because of the storm. (000)

11 - Helped the Garcia's mow their jungle. Storm left. Saw MariaElena (011)

12 - Corellation. Service at Sister Chavez's. Visited the Lara's. Taught the Peralta's :) (022)

13 - Stake Conference. Sister Dyer bore her testimony in spanish. Lunch at the Martinez's. Elder Hammond is dumb! (000)

14 - Preparation Day. Went to Dr. Childs. District fast for contacts. Salinas Family cancelled on us because we couldn't eat with them. (010)

15 - Zone Conference. Taught Ida Rodriguec a first discussion. Mexican Pride night at the church to celebrate the Mexican Independance Day. (100)

16 - Walked all day long. Went to the Calzada's for dinner. Taught Jerry a 6th. (011)3

17 - Splits with Brother Zavala. Got shoes all muddy at MariaElena's. Taught a media referral, Harold Lord. (100) 18 - Travis was online. Jorge ditched us. Oscar De La Hoya won the fight against Julio Cesar Chavez. Everybody is talking about it. (100)5

19 - Corellation. Service at Sister Chavez's again. Tough Day. (000)7

20 - Church. Taught MariaElena another second. She doesn't have a religious background. But she's willing to learn. Dinner at the Salina's. Dropped a plate at home. (010)0

21 - Preparation Day. Elder Hammond's Llast. Taught Ida a second. Splits with Brother Zavala. (010)0

22 - Rain Day! Got stuck at the Garcia's, Splits with Brother Zaval again. (010)0

23 - Elder Hammond is gone. He was sick (nervous) Stayed at the Garcia's. Good Day (011)0

24 - Transfer Day! Did pretty good. Got my new comp. Elder Dixon. I am tired. (100)0

25 - Missionary Work Day. We were busy all day long :) Taught Joe a second! :) (210)12

26 - Correlation. Taught Joe a third and got him Sunday Clothes. Good Day (320)10

27 - Church. Sister Evans for lundch. Isaac's for dinner. All is well, another no-teach day. (000)3

28 - Preparation Day. It went well. I made a trape for Travis. Tracted all night. (300) 6

29 - 6 Hour splits with Sergio Solis Jr. Tracted on Eisenhower again! Taught Joe a 4th. (312)2

30 - Elder Dicon was sick in the morning. Sister Evans got us lunch. Sauceda's for dinner (000) 2