August 1998

1 - Corelation - Flowers for Sister Evan's birthday. Delivered a Lamb of God video to Daisy R~ on 6 mile line. (100)

2 - Church, then spent the rest of the day ruining my spokes!(000)

3 - Preparation Day - then solved (or tried to solve some of the G~ family's problems(000)

4 - Interviews for most of the day and then gardening at the Garcia's (100)

5 - District meeting with contention and then... fixed my bike rim! Splits with Brother Mantle. (100)

6 - Day of media referrals. Elder H~ is D.U.M.B. My hands hurt from biking. (200)

7 - Delivered Ledicia's bible finally - did some more service at the Garcia's (000)

8 - Corellation, english only - my hands still hurt - slow day (100)

9 - Church, my hands hurt! Splits with Brother Reyna! Cookies from Sister Garcia! Yummmy! ;) (000)

10 - Preparation Day! Did lots at the library. Went to the Evan's. Went to the Peralta's! (000)

11 - District Meeting. Mailed the tape to Marian. No car - hands still hurt. Dinner at the Willie's (100)

12 - Got sick from the heat. Went to Jorge's. He is cool. We visited the Salinas family.(100)

13 - Sister Evans cancelled lunch, no mail. Taught the Peralta's a second! (111)

14 - Busy Day! Taught three media referrals - including a cool Primitive Baptist. (300)

15 - Corellation - then a day of computer repair at the Garcia's. Dinner with Sister Chavez. (200)

16 - Heart attack in the morning - for dumb reason - because Jorge is going to church! Jorge was baptized. Visited the Martinez family. (100)

17 - Preparation Day! Letter from Travis in the mail. Taught Oscar a third. Burger King for shakes. (010)

18 - District Meeting. No mail. :( Splits with Brother Reyna. No one was home. (000)

19 - Went to see Mary McCall to give her a blessing but she refused. Dinner at the Garcia's. (000)

20 - Helped move the Brann Family's firewood all day. Ate at subway (their treat) Taught a first! (100)

21 - Splits with Elder Ricks. My first Greenie - 2nd day in the field. It rained, good day! (120)

22 - Breakfast at the Garcia's after service at Sister Chavez's was cancelled. Went home to clean up. Burger King for dinner. Brother Zavala took me to the post office to pick up a box from Mom and Grandma. (100)

23 - Church, there was a semi accident in the parking lot. Went to Sister Chavez's for dinner. (000)

24 - Preparation Day. Letter from Travis in the mail. Taught Oscar a third. Burger King for shakes and heard President Clinton appologize to the country on TV. (010)

25 - Zone Conference. Saw Elder Sigg, Woogie! Jesse is still active. Dinner at Jorge's. (000)

26 - District Meeting. Taught a media referral. Sandra had a Quincenera in our front yard. (100)

27 - Got hair cuts. My hands hurt bad. Puro member day. All of our appointments dogged us. (000)

28 - Missionary Broadcast. Popped 3 spokes. Taught Sister Gutierrez's employee. Dinner at the Reyna's. (100)

29 - Correlation. Service at Sister Chavez's. Walked to Burger King. (100)

30 - Brother Reyna gave us a ride to church. Visited the Reyes. Elder Hammond is sick. (000)

31 - Went to the Follett's Seminary class. Dinner with the Calzada's, Elder Hammond is still sick. (???)