July 1998

1 - Zone Conference. We learned about Heroes! Then taught the Calzada's a cool 2nd and they fed us dinner! Yummy! (011)

2 - Splits with Brother Savala, and, yet again, we ended up doing more of no work than work and didn't get the chance to teach the Peralta's a 3rd. But we did teach Rachael! (011)

3 - Splits with Brother Salinas in the morning to the Delancourt family. Got dogged by Santos Alonzo yeah! One Hour bike ride and her dogged us! What a joke, Do you want it or not? (011)

4 - Breakfast at the church, Lunch at the Garcia's, then an interesting time at Sister Chavez's home with half cooked chicken! (100)

5 - Church in the morning, then came home and had dinner and then stayed home the rest of the day because Elder Hammond was feeling sick in his eyes! :* (000)

6 - Laundry and the Library in the morning - then went shopping later in the day. HEB was a mad house! Went and taught a member referral for the nights work! :) (100)

7 - Taught Mary R~ a media referral at the library. She brought 2 friends with her. Brother Martinez went with us to the Peralta Family's home to help teach a third discussion. He shared his conversion story! Cool! (322)

8 - Fould Esmerelda L~ and gave her the Lamb of God video that she ordered. Jorge had us go over to his house and chat, he was drunk. Jerry C~ was taught a third discussion over dinner by Sister Evans and then we taught a first and second discussion to Servando F~ - Heath B~'s friend. (222)

9 - Cool Day! Taught a second to Jorge and then on the way home a family flagged us down and had us teach them. And then for dinner we went to Peter Piper Pizza with the Garcia's. Yum! (210)

10 - pOOH dAY! Everyone cancelled on us! We were supposed to teach lots today. For dinner we went to the Reyna's with Elder P~ and Elder T~, we had ham! Yummmy!. (000)

11 - Jorge's in the morning after the pulga - then went to Servando's, then cleaned house and had a companionship inventory, Yeah baby! (020)

12 - Church! Elizabeth was finally confirmed! It was cute, she got off of the stage as quick as she could. Taught a cool media referral, Christie O~! (200)

13 - Preparation usual, but went golfing in the afternoon - good day - but no one was home at night! (000)

14 - Interviews - then went to Jorge's for a meeting, cool! Then went to the library and those ladies dogged us again! Ended the day by teaching Christian B~, cool! (110)

15 - District Meeting - Elder Hammond made a clay face during it! Taught Jerry C~ a fourth discussion over ravioli and meetballs - yum! Taught Servando a fourth and then called the media referrals. (020)

16 - Went to Jorg's in the morning and then went home and had a big lunch of chicken, rice, and green beans... who says missionaries don't eat good? We went to visit the Pulga family, but they weren't home so we stopped in on the Abalos family and then we taught Servando a fifth. (110)

17 - Went to the library to meet with Mary Rodriguez and her friend again. Afterwhich we went home for lunch and then we went on splits for the evening with Brother Savala (we visited the DeLuna family) (020)

18 - Taught Melissa Olguin a first - then had correlation meeting with breakfast (of course) Later we went to Jorge's and then went home for lunch after visiting the Pulga family - they gave me a whistle yo yo. Had a nap! (110)

19 - Church in the morning. Came home for lunch and then went out tracting. Met the neighbors! What a group, they are band members. (200)

20 - Preparation Day! Shopped at Wal-Mart so no free yogurt! Library later - And I forgot the rest of the day! Oh, I got my suit back. (000)

21 - Saw Jorge in the morning, then spent the rest of the day trying to find someone to go on splits with us to Rachael's.(110)

22 - Had a trio in Elder Thomas' area because Elder Peterson went home. Crazy Day! Not too much happened - I don't like trios. (100)

23 - Elizabeth dogged us in the morning - so then we went to Lilly's home and gave her the Lamb of God video. Later we went to the Montoya's for dinner and then on to Rachael's. (100)

24 - Rode way out to the middle of nowhere only to knock on the wrong door and then ride home thinking that we had been dogged. Thank you Elder Hammond! It's okay, we all make mistakes every now and then. (110)

25 - Correlation in the morning. French Toast for breakfast, went home before tracting again, found a cool man named Oscar - he is way cool - had a good day overall! (110)

26 - Church - english ward only, then stayed home all day because Elder Hammond's eyes were sore again. (000)

27 - Preparation Day - the library gave me a headache... the computers were soooo slooow - then we went out to the Peralta's for the evening. It is all good! It is! :) (100)

28 - District Meeting - then later we talked to Jorge and Oscar and then visited with Elia and Brother Reyes! He is away nice and recent convert of the church.(110)

29 - Smashed a shrine today! It was cool. Took pictures of the Sisters teaching our neighbors. Taught some cool people and then got free icecream ffrom the Peralta's Ice Cream truck. Sister Evans fed us Luby's for dinner. (200)

30 - Splits with Elder Thomas - it was ZLDLC. Taught a second to the Hinojosa's annd oscar also. Cool! Then we had dinner at the Garcia's - she is a good cook. Good - Happy Day! (120)

31 - Went to Isaac's for breakfast and then Jorge's for Pizza and then of course the Reyna's for dinner... Sloppy Joe's and chips and brownies... Vunderbar! (000)