June 1998

1 - Preparation Day, Basketball in the morning. Shopping and Luandry were done early in the morning. Spent the rest of the day at the library! Woogie! (000)

2 - Got a hair cut for free at a members salon. Then was fed lunch by a member, then visited a member's home for the evening! Puros Miembros! (100)

3 - Service at the Police station. We cleaned their shed - tomorrow they want us to come back and clean their attic. Then we went to Sister Gonzalez's (Elia) for a baptismal celebration. Lasagne and cheescake baby! (000)

4 -Service at the Police Station, we cleaned the attic and Elder Hammond caved in the ceiling at city hall. Cleaned half of the kitchen - Splits with Brother Abalos. Very hot day. Elder Follet put a door knob on the front door. (120)

5 - Cool member splits in the morning. Hot Lazzy Day. Danny Morelos had his Baptismal Interview today. Phew 105 degrees today! Even the AC didn't cool us off. Splits with Brother Savala in the night. Dinner appointment at the Reyna's! (010)

6 - Cool Correlation - Breakfast at the Mantle's. Ate grapenuts and honey. Taught a cool media referral, Fred Villareal. Then did service at Sister Chavez's - we redid the carpeting, what a job! Spent all night calling Media Referrals.

7 - Another ALL-DAY stay at the church. Danny Morelos was baptized. President Dyer came. Cool. Refreshments were chocolate cake and cheese cake baby! Woogie! Companionship Inventory! :)

8 - Preparation Day, crazy, Preparation Day! Had Basketball in the manana. Elder Hammond sprained his ankle. Spent lots of time at the library and then got home late because our ride was late! Dinner at the Salinas!

9 - A DAY OF SERVICE! Crazy Day! We spent all day fixing some lady's bathroom, and now we don't know who she is. However, we do know that her autistic son peeed on the window and stripped for us, and then broke 5 dishes.

10 - More service at the same house but we finished this time. The bathroom worked, but we came home and found the fridge broken again! And of course the food went bad AGAIN! Then we taought 11 firsts at a Preschool (we were invited) and then ate tons at the Garcia's! (11,0,0)

11 - Sleep Day! Elder Hammond had bad ankle problems so we only went out to Sister Evans for dinner. What a wonderful meal it was! Gotta love Sister Evans! (000)

12 - Zone Conference. Had a cool Zone Conference at the McAllen Stake Center. President Dyer talked about marriage and Sister Dyer talked about what foods we should eat! (010)

13 - Correlation Meetings, thena breakfast of french toast at the Mantle's. Later we had barbecue lunches from the scouts and we taught Fred V. a second. LONG! Happy FOOD Day! (010)

14 - Elia got confirmed today, FINALLY! And Danny too! And Rachael finally came to church, oh yeah! Called some media referrals, then Dinner and a Movie at the Salinas family's home (000)

15 - No Basketball today! Elder Hammond was dehydrated. Elder Peterson did my laundry - we went to the library and did e-mail. Splits with Brother Savala and three generations of a family. Wow! I had no idea! (303)

16 - Interviews! then came home and ate lots of fruit. Taught a cool Media Referral the Hinojosa Family and then came home for a Totino's Party Pizza. (100)

17 - District Meeting! Read a lot of the book "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder" and then went to Brandon's and played Basketball with him and then set a baptismal goal with him for the 5th of July. (010)

18 - Comp Study Baby! Or something close to it! Then went and had enchiladas for lunch at Brandon's. Then called Media Referrals and then took a video to Tina. It was a Lamb of God video but she didn't have time to talk. (100)

19 - Splits with Brother Savala and everyone dogged us or wasn't home. So we went to Wal Mart and had McDonalds for dinner, then bought more stars for the room and Elder Hammond got another yoyo! (100)

20 - Elizabeth was finally interviewed for her baptism. Taught a cool media referral, Ignacio Mendoza, but his wife was not to interested, she said, "we are Catholics, but you can come over if you want, we are willing to listen." Then Brother Reyna brought over Burger King for dinner. (200)

21 - Brother Savala baptized Elizabeth today. Spent almost the whole day at church. Boy did that make me tired. Good day, but Isaac dogged us. Oh well. (000)

22 - Preparation Day! Did our was at Elder Peterson's and then went shopping and then went to the library for the rest of the day! The Ususal! :)

23 - Splits with Elder Peterson. He is a super Missionary. We found some good people - but all our appointments fell through for the night! :( (400)

24 - Transfer Calls - Elder Christ is the only elder leaving the area. We went out and taught Jorge finally and he is a super math man! (200)

25 - Transfers - we had to get up early to take the car back to Elder Peterson and then came back and rested from that adventure. he he We then went and visited Gabriella Calzada's and the went to Brandon's. Good Day!

26 - Splits with Brother Salinas. Taught the family that he takes us to (Delancourt) again. Splits with Brother Savala again. Went to Rachael's and she didn't like church very much and we are STARVING! Brother Savala didn't feed us. I am HUNGRY! No food in the fridge! (022)

27 - Correlation Meetings, and of course the best breakfast of the week at the Mantle's home. Tried to get our hair cut by a member - no go till Tuesday. Splits with Brother Abalos, visited with the Peralta family! (100)

28 - Church all day! Home for lunch and then went back to church for the 4th of July Broadcast.

29 - District Meeting! What a bummer! It was on Preparation Day, but it turned out okay - Library again! :) Visited the Hinojosa's, then Elder Hammond had to go shopping for sweets! (100)

30 - Hair cuts in the morning. Then came home and studied. Taught some construction workers a first. Another super dinner at Sister Evan's house :) (300)