May 1998

1 - Not much happened today. We did talk to Noi and he said that he was interested!

2 - Went to District Meeting and Elder Sigg Interviewed the Luna Family. Then we had the baptism. It was nice. We ate at McDonalds afterwards.

3 - A regular Sunday. Veronic bore her testimony and Elder Sigg did also. Bishop Johnson gave us members to look for and we did some of that tonight!

4 - Elder Sigg got his liscense! Played Basketball and went to Elder Overson's District Meeting. We learned a lot, and then rode way out to a cool referral, Santiago Sanchez.

5 - No Hosts. They dogged us! We called lots of referrals and got no one. Then we got sprayed by a crop duster. Elder Sigg wants to be a crop duster.

6 - Helped out at the library a lot. Then Noi dogged us again. I don't think that he is interested. We looked for some members!

7 - Zone Conference. After conference we went to a bike shop to get a part for my bike that Elder Sigg broke!

8 - Hot Day! Found a cool guy on Palo Blanco. Worley never has time for us. The Uresti family is crazy! We helped Ricky and Suzy with their car!

9 - Mission Fast to thank God for 100 Baptisms in April. Found some good people (Naomi and Lisa) while tracting. They will be baptised if husband is cool. The Castillo's are cold!

10 - Called home and talked to the family. It wasn't too hard.

11 - P-Day fishing trip to Port Isabel with Brother Lyle! I cought a sting ray. Julio went with us. It wasn't too boring.

12 - District Meeting was good. Went to Wal Mart after to exchange the answering machine, and then Elder Sigg got sick. There's lots of smoke in the air.

13 - Naomi and Lisa dogged us so we went to the library and did service. Then Elder Sigg was feeling sick so we went home till night time.

14 - Elder Sigg was sick again. Mexico is on fire and all the smoke is coming over here and making us sick.

15 - Cool day, we tried to go out on splits, but Elder Sigg passed out and I had a bad bike wreck so we met at home and stayed in the rest of the day. Splits were over!

16 - Correlation Woogie! We went to a party at the Santiago's all day long and helped them out. We also saw Lisa and Naomi and they're coming to church tomorrow!

17 - Naomi and Lisa came to church! No one talked to them. We went over later and taught them a second discussion. It went well.

18 - Preparation Day. We got everything done early and then went to church to play football and the piano. Fun, fun, fun!

19 - No District Meeting! We had interviews. Elder Sigg went to the doctor twice today. Once with Elder Asay, for his eyes, and once with Elder Hayes after he got hit by a car. Scary!

20 - Service at the library. They got a new book about the Titanic. It is so cool. There's pictures and I like it alot.

21 - We went way out where we haven't been before and found a cool lady. She gave us some good juice. Other than that, a slow day.

22 - Saw Marta Casares but her husband wasn't home. Then we went to Weslaco to get the car fixed. We waited two and a half hours for them to tell us that they had ordered a part.

23 - Crazy correlation! Brother Lyle was there and he took over. Went to McDonald's! Taught Jima two-hour fourth discussion. He liked it.

24 - Lisa and Naomi said that they would be baptized! Good day!

25 - P-Day - no e-mail. Elder Sigg stopped writing on his calendar today, now it's my turn. Family Home Evening at the Guerra's.

26 - District Meeting was cool! No one wanted to talk so we went tracting. Found some cool people on Apollo. Splits with Elder Overson cancelled :)

27 - Splits with Elder Asay and Elder Laney - oh my goodness! Good day overall. Transferring to Mission. Elder Sigg is going to Brownsville. Our Area is closed. :(

28 - Transfers - Elder Sigg left at 10 a.m. We cried with Veronica and Lisa & Naomi, Sara (next door) whined all day long. I left at 3:30 p.m. Went on cool member splits in a Firebird. Taught two cool people. Burger King trip. Elder Hammond is my new companion.

29 - Cool member splits. Slept most of the day. Then went out and talked to Brandon. Want's priesthood, no baptism, HUH?

30 - Rode way out to mile 8 and Mayberry for a media referral who was on her way out. Taught Elia a 5th and took her to her baptismal interview. Everything is good for tomorrow.

31 - Elia was baptized. Dinner at the Branns, what a group! Jazz Game baby!