April 1998

4 - General Conference, Sweet Stuff, ate at Golden Corral. Started fasting for 100 baptisms.

5 - Mas Conferencia! Broke our Fast! Jesse came to church... Awesome

6 - Basketball at the church. No mail or e-mail. Sad Day. I don't get much mail anymore.

7 - Planned at Burger King. A guy drove up to us and said "hey guys it's rough in this neighborhood." Whatever, found a good lady there!

8 - Worked at the Library today and Taught Jesse Araiza a 5th there also. Heard 311 at HEB. Awesome. Called Media referrals! (110)

9 - Zone Conference - I saw Elder McKell, Elder Sigg's trainer. Contacted a cool media referral whose dog just had puppies. Taught Jesse a 6th discussion. (110)

10 - Splits with Elder Morrison. Our neighbor chewed us out and the police made a big drug bust. (300)

11 - Jesse was baptized today! It was awesome! He's happy. I hope he endures to the end. The Perez family was finally interviewed and their baptism is tomorrow! (200)

12 - Went to Church! Perez family was baptized and Elder Sigg confirmed Jesse. Then we went and ate some food with Candy. (310)

13 - Played Basketball at the Baptist Church again. Elder Morrison twisted his ankle. Crazy Veronica helped Elder Sigg wash and fold his clothes. Elder Sigg climbed Sister Azoca's tree in less than four minutes. She gave us necklaces.

14 - Did Hosts! We went by the bakery and bought Pan Dulce. Walked all day. Brother Valdez dogged us because he was nervous so Brother Martinez went with us to see the Rodriguez's

15 - Did service at the Library. Tracted all day. Then we went and saw Jesse and he took us to get a drink. Elder Sigg paid. Went to Sister Azoca's and Elder Sigg climbed her tree to help with the pinata. She wants his wallet.

16 - Went to the Santiago's house and watched the Lamb of God. Javier is mad at Elder Sigg. Candy Orta talks to much. Jesse's Birthday. We watched "Trail of Hope" with him :)

17 - Forgot to get cake from Ethel on Thursday so we went today. We had interviews with the President. Rode 14 miles on the bikes in 1 hour!

18 - Brother Valdez and Brother McFarland are dumb. They only want rich new members, not the poor ones that need rides every Sunday. Bad day, we went to McDonalds to cool off.

19 - Good day! Jim came to church and made one heck of an entrance. Jesse took us to Harlingen for Priesthood. (000)

20 - Basketball at the church. Julio came to play. Good games! Elder Sigg bought boots at the pulga for $3. Played tennis with Jesse and he bought us Bertha's Burgers afterwards. Went to Martinez/s and had an awesome experience.

21 - Splits with Elder Warner. He scared everyone away and then cooked me hot mexican rice that put me to sleep for four hours.

22 - Went to library to make posters. Went to Jerry Mendoza's but he wan't interested. Went with Alfonso to Casiano's but he wasn't home. Alfonso is cool!

23 - Did service for Brother Young. Cleaned his trailers! Went and knocked the rich neighborhood and talked to some cool people. Did 2 media referrals, Frank Barbosa is cool! Taught Veronica a 3rd New member discussion. (400)

24 - We got called a cult! Knocked in 10th North St. NO GOOD! Knocked more in rich neighborhood, good! Washed Sister Azoca's car and Elder Sigg gave her his wallet. Que Chiflada! A good day! (400)

25 - "Correlation!" McDonalds afterwards. No more Monopoly :( Ethel made us cupcakes, Oh Yeah! I got my new bike FINALLY! No one was home today! (100)

26 - Elder Sigg gave Jesse the Aaronic Priesthood. Our neighbor is crazy! She yelled in the church parking lot and then tried to follow Brother Guerra. He lost her of course.

27 - P-Day - we got up and out early and got our stuff done. Cleaned house real good. I did the Kitchen!

28 - Went and knocked doors in a white neighborhood. We ate lunch at the Santiago's house and they are all mad at Javier and he's mad at them. I feel so bad for them. Elder Sigg and I both got flats!

29 - Did service. I organized the books again! Transfer calls were tonight and Elder Warner got sent to Roma! Elder Sigg is the new District Leader! What a Day!

30 - Transfers! Elder Warner had a lot of stuff. Elder Sigg and I went to the river and threw rocks across and took pictures. Some girl asked us... "Did you have to walk your bikes over the levys?" Yeah Right!