November 1998

1 - Church. Jimmy didn't come. Had a long nap. Taught nothing. Sister Chavez's for Dinner. (000)0

2 - Preparation Day. District Meeting. Library. Taught Berta a 3rd. Isaac made dinner. (021)4

3 - Interviews. Lunch at CC's, had a nap. Brakes went out on the car. (210)6

4 - Went house hunting with Elder Williams after service at Hosts. (000)4

5 - Taught Hosts in the morning. Then Jesus a 2nd. Then went on a 30 mile bike ride looking for a bad address of a media referral. Dinner at Burger King. (010)2

6 - Rainy Day. Went to lunch at Taco Ole. Taught Carolina a 5th. (110)5

7 - Correlation. Pulga for a short bit. Taught Samuel a 3rd. Isaac';s for dinner. (110)3

8 - Church. Lunch at the Martinez's. Took sacrament to the Recio's. That's about it. (000)0

9 - Preparation Day. Library, the usual. Tried to teach lots of stuff. No one was home. (000)?

10 - District Meeting was cancelled. Splits with Elder Bauman. Pretty Good Day! (400)?

11 - District Meeting. Service at Hosts. Went house hunting with Elder Williams. (312)?

12 - Hosts again. Went to lunch at the Recio's. Taught Elder Zavala's mom.(311)?

13 - Zone Conference with Elder Abrea. Elder Dixon is sick. Slow day. (300)?

14 - Correllation. Taught Servando a new member discussion. Otherwise a slow day. (110)?

15 - Sunday. Everyone is going to miss me. Went to Sister Chavez's for dinner. (500)?

16 - Preparation Day. Library. Shopping. No Box. Dinner at the Sauceda's. (100)?

17 - District Meeting. Elder Bauman became the new Assistant to the President. Service at the Library. (200)?

18 - Covered two areas with the car. Dinner at the Johnson's. Yummy. (311)?

19 - Transfers. I am still in Mission. Had to give back the Cavalier. I am the new District Leader. Not much else paso. :) (000)?

20 - Interviewed Yeraldi for Baptism. Very interesting. Did some finding. (300)?

21 - Correllation. Took Elder Bates to the Office. Made a flyer for the Missionary Extravaganza. Splits with Elder Bonilla. Interviewed Atilano Perez for baptism. (300)0

22 - Church in the manana. The Saucedas kidnapped us and took us to dinner at their house. :) Atilano was baptized. Spent the night at Elder Bates, and Buswell's. (000)0

23 - Preparation Day. Basketball in the morning. Library. Raquetball at Cimmaron Country Club. Dinner at the Garcia's. (100)

24 - District Meeting. Splits with Elder Bates. No one was home! :( (310)

25 - Continued splits with Elder Bates. Found some good people. Started to move. (310)

26 - Thanksgiving. Dinner at the Sauceda's then the Martinez's. Baptismal Interview with Angel. (000)

27 -