Subject: Whassup whassup?? Received: Thu Sep 10 16:58:12 1998 From: Travis Vowles HEHEH! How'd it going Jacob? I'm at work today. I've been working upstairs in Development today instead of in Membership. The CRES Celebration is coming up in a few weeks, so Mikey upstairs needs help, so I've been up there all day helping me. It's actually really fun. Just a new group of people. I'm mainly taking orders for people who want to buy Celebration tickets over the's just kinda wierd, because I feel like I know the Membership stuff pretty well, and yet now I have to go back and learn all this new stuff about Development. School's been going pretty weel actually. I still havent' had a chance to drop that Playwriting class that I told you about, but once the line calms down at the Registrar's office, that will be one of the first things that I do. I REALLY don't think that I would make it very long in that class! Latin actually went pretty well yesterday afternoon. I think that the class will be pretty cool, and now TOO hard. The teacher said that he was going to go really slow and that if we needed to, we could go even slower. I don't think that that class will really be a problem for me. I had another day of Philosphy today. I think that that class really isn't that bad at all. The teach even used a Star Trek related example in class today! :) It was the original series, but it was still Star Trek. :) How's everything going down there in Texas? Is the weather still horrid, or has it actually improved some?? I am considering getting an apartment somewhere...the drive to and from Alpine to San Diego EVERYDAY is starting to kill me already...I don't think that I will be able to make it through the semester without some SERIOUS tension relief necessary...might have to whip out my phaser and start blasting pople away! :) hehehe! Other than all that, I don't think much else is going on...I'm working almost a full day today, so I had to clock out and everything, and Mike told me to go ahead and take my half-hour paid break and my half-hour clock-out break together, so I'm about 45 minutes through my 1 hour break now...but I think I'm out of stuff to tell you! ummm....yup...I am... I'll talk to you later bud! Travis Subject: AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Received: Wed Sep 9 14:26:34 1998 From: Travis Vowles Hey Jacob, It's me! Finally getting around to e-mailing you again! How long has it been? Well...let's started for me this week! :( I'm NOT ready for all the reading and work. I had Philosophy yesterday. Actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So far, I've had to read about 25 pages in the textbook and then also read "The Apology" by Socrates. It's not too bad. The, I had Quantitative Business Analysis this morning...UNG! You would NOT like this class! The next step up from Calculus! I don't know if I remember enough of my calculus for this to be easy or not. Plus, the teacher had a stroke less that 3 years ago, so he's a little hard to understand, and what he says doesn't always make a lot of sense. PLUS, QBA is 2 FULL HOURS!!! DIRECTLY after that, I have Managerial Accounting...shouldn't be too hard I hope. The teacher seems pretty cool and I think that I will be able to get the hang of it without too many problems...I HOPE! Directly after that was Playwriting...umm...well...REGISTRAR'S OFFICE HERE I COME! I am going to drop that class SOOOOOOO fast! I don't do well with people reading and critiquing my work in class workshops and stuff and me given tons of oral presentations of my own work and stuff, so I am going to drop that one so fast! I think I will add choir instead...don't know how well I can sing, but at least I will be able to take it Pass/Fail and it's not like I'll be singing by myself...there will be other people around me. It's only 1 unit, but it only meets Monday evenings, so it can't be that bad. Today, I still have Latin left...actually, I have to run, because I still have to get the book for that class...just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I am SUFFERING out here! HELP ME! Some body stop it!! AAAHHHHHHH! Your friendly who is QUICKLY going even more insane, Travis Subject: Hello big bro Received: Sat Sep 5 02:51:06 1998 From: (Anna C Naylor) Jake, Wow! You are getting better at writing. I have to tell you my last summer experience before I get on to telling you about school and stuff.I was going to drive down to California with Diane so I could help her drive. We left the Sunday before school started and I was supposed to fly back on Monday night so I could spend Monday day with mom and the boys. Well, we got to St. George before Diane's car broke down. It was a bad day. The air conditioning in the car was out about halfway to St. George, and it was 110 degrees. Diane, Megan, Lizzie, me, and all of Diane's kids went to a hotel room right by where we left the car. Mom called around and found me a Greyhound bus leaving for Salt Lake City and I took it. That is something that I never want to do again. Seven hours trapped in a bus is not my idea of fun. Plus, I got car sick on the way, so that made it even worse. When I got back to Salt Lake, I called mom to find that she couldn't get a hold of grandma or dad to come pick me up. I finally got Dawn to come pick me up. It took her forever to find me though.....I don't like hanging around downtown Salt Lake in the middle of the night alone. I was sad that I didn't get to go see mom, but I'm glad I didn't stay in St. George. They were stuck there for three days. Let's see.....I'm happy to be back in school. l like some of my classes, but some of them are horrible. Can you believe that I am actually taking a bowling class? I think that's one of my favorite classes. Well, my schedule is messed up right now, so I have to tell you about the rest of my classes later. I have a question....What's wrong with your hands? You never told me what was wrong. I must not have gotten that e-mail if you sent one about it. I hope that your hands are getting better. The mission president better be taking good care of my wonderful big brother. I went to Bryant's farewell on Sunday. It was really nice. He's going to Houston, TX. I thought that was kinda cool. Another thing, my friend Steve Steele got his mission call to Washington (Spanish-speaking). You would know him if you saw him. Can you believe that Melanie is really getting married this young? It's amazing to me. I miss you tons and I love you lots. You better write me back. I want to hear how everything is going. I gotta go get some furniture for the new apartment. Dad, Megan and I are going down to the storage in Provo to find stuff that we need. I think we will see if we can find another mattress and we are going to get the couch on this trip. Well, I love you and I will write more later. Love always, Christie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox Subject: Hey Jacob Received: Sun Sep 13 22:57:47 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob, How's it going? Not too much really going on here. I got a raise recently at work. :) Went up something like $.55 an hour...somewhere around there...i don't know the exact figure...all I know is that I am not really hurting financially. :) At least not too bad...I do want to get an apartment tho, but I can't afford one on my own...WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO COME BACK TO ME AMIGO??? I need a roomie!!! My relationship with Lauren is a little bumpy...I don't know exactly what's going on...she was here for 4 weeks over the summer, then she went home for a week and a half and I never heard from her! Then, she gets back to san diego, and calls me to tell me she needs her books! (Which I was holding for her so she wouldn't have to carry them to and from San Francisco!) Anyway, I left a message on her machine last night telling her to call me because we "had to talk" and she calls me late that night, DRUNK OFF HER ASS! It was terrible! You can't carry on a rational conversation with a drunk person! So, I'm going to have to sit down and have a talk with her sometime soon and see what's going on! I am REALLY dreading it, but I just don't know what to do! I sure as hell don't want the relationship to go on like this! That'd just be pointless! Anyway, as far as that goes, I'll let you know as soon as I know something... As for the rest of started back again...I think I e-mailed you about my classes already, right? If I didn't, let me know and I will write you and tell you all about those...anyway...suffice it to say, school is school. The social aspect is great (tho a lot harder this year when I am not living on campus) it's just that all of the DAMN classes get in the way! QBA is the one that I am the most worried about...THIS FROM THE GUY WHO MADE IT THROUGH CALCULUS WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS!!!! I think it's just because the teacher of the class had a stroke a few years ago and now I don't think that he's fully recovered...he seems to be a bit on the off side if you know what I mean...not quite fully THERE...oh well...hopefully I can at least do well enough to pass the class without any difficults...lord know that my GPA doesn't need any more trouble that it's already got...I have to do SOOOOOOO good this semester! I am really worried about it...anyway...i should prolly be going off to bed now...I have to wake up at 5:30 so that I can get ready and be sure to make it down to san diego in time for QBA in the morning...WOOHOO....yah...right...don't think so! Anyway, I'll talk to you again later, bud. I miss you! COME BACK TO ME AMIGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travis