Subject: Re: Sorry I missed you! Received: Sat Jul 11 00:50:06 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey! I have to work Mondays, so I can't meet u on the net anytime that day unless it is really early in the morning...(before 9 my time). I have Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday off, so if you can find a time there, let me know! Just download IRC ont he computer u are on and we can chat away! :) Let's see...I have to make an appointment to go to see a counselor or something at school next week about my schedule for next semester...I think I told you about it...religion class taught by Satan (again) and the Music class from hell...I don't know if I'm going to make it at this religious-university! They seem to take it too seriously! Just look at the classes!!! Anyway, I need to fix those, plus I'm thinking out changing my major (join the crowd, I know...) to Public Relations or something along those lines, becasue that it what I am currently involved in and I enjoy it a lot. I would also like to arrange to have all my classes on MWF if that is at all possible, because that way I could either work on Tuesday and Thursdays if they could use me, or I would have a couple of days to myself...along with free time, which would be VERY nice...... Let's see...I've been excahnging e-mails with Lauren, which has been nice, because I've expected to be completely and totally cut off from here while she was in Guadalajara. So this is nice! :) Plus I found out that she is supposed to be in San Diego for a week in August with her family, so I will get to see her then! :) I just wrote her an e-mail today about a Mystery dinner thing I found out that they are having in early September at the Wild Animal Park. I think that will be a lot of fun if she want's to's $50 per person, but I think it would be a REALLY fun thing to do, plus I might be able to get an employee discount or something... Let's see...the schedule at work changed for next week...I'm still trying to decide if I like it better or not...Up points...I work with Laura on Monday, AnnMarie on Friday, and am breaks person on Sunday (day FLIES by...)...down side...I don't work with Jesse or Claudea any more, but I still ahve a day with Christy...which I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like...she's okay sometime, but other times I think she's a bitch or, I now have a day where Kym is breaks person and sometimes she just pisses me off!! I don't know if I told u this story or not...anyway...I was working in the booth and it was really busy, so Kym was doing line help...Anyway, she finished up and came inside and I was helping a customer and she started to tell me something...I don't remember what...anyway, I could hear the customer, so I turned to Kym and said something like "HOLD ON!" Only I said it really mean and stuff...Anyway, I finished with the customer and dealt with Kym's dilemna and later that day Krissy, who was the other person working in the booth that day, came up to me and said something like "Kym asked me if you were in a bad mood or something. I told her you seemed fine to me...what a bitch." Something to that effect...she COMPLETELY agreed with me...the customer comes, I just think Kym's on a power trip or something...anyway, Krissy's all "Louisa (Who left about a month or so ago...) would have been proud of you! Since she left, no one's smacked Kym back into her place!" So, at least I'm fitting in with most there. Krissy is one of my favorites, so are Elaine, Jesse, Claudea, Noah, LeeAnn, AnnMarie, and Laura... (Big department) The only one's that I'm not sure of or generally piss me off are Kym and Christy. Well...I guess that's really all I have to say...I really need to get to sleep! I have to fo to work tomorrow and I need to wake up in 5 hours!!! AAHHHHH!!!! I can't handle this lack of sleep thing!!! I'll TTYL! Travis (For a minute there I thought I was writing to Lauren, and almost signed Love...don't wanna give you the wrong impression here!!!!) hehehe!!! Subject: Sunny and Humid Southern California Received: Tue Jul 28 22:18:20 1998 From: (Helen M Naylor) Hello Son! I know it's been a while since I sent you E-Mail, but I haven't wanted to impose on Chris and Suzan in the evening, but now I had to come and do some more invitations, so I'll take a minute to write. Nancy and family went home late Sunday night, right before I went to the airport to pick up Tom and family and Grandma on their return from Disneyworld. It was a fun, but very hectic week. I'm really tired and ready for some down time!!! I never thought I'd say that our boys are quiet, but after last week, I'd have to say so. What a week!!! I have an advertisement coming out tomorrow in the San Diego Seagull ( the local church news) and I'm anxious to see what kind of response I get. Hopefully tons and tons!!! Dad is bringing Megan down this weekend and probably Jennifer Gardner too, to spend some time with Liz. They want to go to the beach, Corvette Diner, Planet Hollywood and Disneyland. We should have another crazy week ahead! Hopefully, Dad will be able to bring down some of the new candle stuff that I need so that I don't have to wait for it to get shipped. I am finally having Diane's candle party next week. I hope it's really good! Well, it's not as bad as cockroaches, but we have an invasion of crickets in the garage. Sorry to hear that you are still being "PLAGUED" by those most disgusting creatures. We have just had a sample of the humidity that I'm sure you're suffering with. Are you adjusting to it at all? I hope you don't get heat stroke! And I think I need to send you some sunscreen - do you want some of that purple or blue stuff? Or would that be against mission rules? I think that the people on the street would think you were getting ready for Halloween early!!! I bought a new program. It's DJ Inkers Fontastic! 2. I need to get the Fontastic! 1 to put onto Chris and Suzan's computer, so that I can use the fonts that I love and miss and are not on Dazzle Dazes! It's late, and I have a very important date with Lauren, so I'll say ta ta for now! I love you. Work hard! Don't let the bed bugs bite! Or even survive, for that matter. Hope you like the Disneyland pennies. Hugs and Kisses, Mom Subject: Re: Sunny and Humid Southern California Received: Mon Aug 3 09:58:39 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Rude, Offended, Dead...all wrong...well...accept the dead one maybe, as in dead tired! I haven't gotten to sleep much and I've been busier than hell! But here goes! Lauren got back from Guadalajara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) I went to pick her up at the airport of Friday and we went out and got lunch, then went to school and signed up to take an Archery class together next semester. Sounds like fun, don't you think? I had a feeling that you of all people would appreciate that class! She wanted to take ballroom dancing, but it wasn't offered this semester, so instead we decided to take Archery. The I had to take her over to the AmTrak station and she took the train up to Santa Barbara to see her best friend who lives up there. Then, last night, she got back to San Diego. I have to work until 9:30 tonight, but I'm going to go pick her up after that and we are going to go see a movie. I don't know which one yet tho. We're just going to decide once we get there. It'll be fun! :) Let's see going good. Today is my Monday late night shift where I work with Laura. The two of use work well and efficiently together and the entire office know it! EVERY week our entry is finished and balances first time by the end of the night, our money is always on, and everything works out great! Anyway, yesterday the two of us were doing storage that hasn't been done since MAY and is supposed to be done everyweek, but since it's been so busy we've be so underhanded that there hasn't been anyone there to do it! Anyway, we got over a MONTH'S worth of documents stored in ONE day, which usually take like 3 or 4 days spread over weekends! We're the office Poobahs! (Naturally) Well...that basically all that I realy have to say! I'll have more next week after I've seen Lauren all week, I assure you! :) TTYL Amigo! Travis -----Original Message----- From: ; To: Travis Andrew Vowles ; Date: Monday, August 03, 1998 7:58 AM Subject: Re: Sunny and Humid Southern California >Hey there? > >Are you home? Have you died? Did I offend you in some heinous way to deserve this silent treatment. How RUDE... When you appologize I will write to you again! > >Jake > Subject: Hello again. Received: Tue Aug 18 13:52:55 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey! How's it going? Did you get the letter I sent you via snail mail? Let's see...there's some stuff going on here...I have a haircut appointment to day, and BOY do I need one! It's starting to look like a dead animal took up residence on my head! OH!OH!OH! You're going to love this one! I don't know if you get to learn about this out there where you are, but President Clinton went on television live yesterday at 7 pm our time, and ADMITTED to having sexual relations with Monica Lewinski!! Can you believe it? After 7 months of lying, he finally admitted it! I can't wait to see the effect! (Impeachment! Impeachment!!) I've been working a bit less this week! :) I took off this past Saturday and Sunday to go Arizona with my family, but dad got sick, so we ended up not going over there. Instead, I slept in and went swimming and went swimming during the day and then went up to the Wild Animal Park for the Park at Dark with Lauren and then we went to see "Return to Paradise." That movie was boring as hell for the first hour and a half, but the last half hour was like the saddest thing that you have ever seen in your entire life!! Anyway, then, on Sunday we drove up to Irvine to see one of Lauren's best friends Megan. Turns out that her friends up there had a surprise birthday party planned for Megan for that night, so that was actually a lot of fun! We stayed until about midnight, and I was like the only sober person there by the time we were leaving...I HATE BEING THE DRIVER!! Plus, up until like 11 that night, I was the only straight guy there, which proved to be QUITE interesting! But it was a lot of fun! Let's see...then, yesterday I worked the late night shift at the Zoo. Did I tell you that the bitchy new lady that I hate is quiting already? HALLELUJAH!!! Her last day will be Friday, August 28th. :) Thank God!! They're going to hire someone else, and it can't be anyone much worse than the person who's there now!!! But anyway, that means that for the last weekend of summer, my schedule is going to be completely screwed up! Partially because Christy is leaving, and also because Jesse will be going to Freshman Orientation at USD. He wasn't going to go, but I made it ABSOLUTELY clear to him that he was going to or else!!! :) But that means that I am going to be working 3 nights in a row that weekend...Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Oh least I get to sleep in in the mornings! :) Last night I didn't do much...just went to the gym again around 11:30 or so...road the bike for 10 miles uphill and downhill and then jogged a mile. I always feel so relieved from stress after working out I swear it is SO cleansing!! Hmmm...well...I think that's really all I have to say...I can't wait for the new Voyager's to start up again! They should begin in about another week!!! :) :) :) I'll talk to you later Bud! Travis Subject: What a life! Received: Thu Aug 20 21:35:42 1998 From: (Helen M Naylor) Dear Jake, Guess who I talked to on the phone today? Travis! I had to call him to get his mom's phone number and I haven't been able to get a hold of him before now. He is doing fine. Busy. Work is a "zoo", and I'm sure that you get my drift! So anyway, I was asking him all kinds of questions about computers. There's a really good deal up in Utah, but you have to have cash. So I'm still looking. He said he would come over and help me set it up when I get one. I really need one soon. It's really inconvenient to always be going over to Chris and Suzan's to use their computer. But I have been here long enough today trying to get fliers done and stuff. I have two really big parties next week and I'll let you know how they go. Travis is dying to talk to you, and I told him about the only way he would be talking to you in the next year and a half is if he comes over on Christmas and Mother's Day to where ever I am. He said that could be arranged!!! Well, it looks like I'm staying in California for now. I talked to Grandma and she said we could. We being Me, Elizabeth, Michael and Thomas. I really need more time to get these candles going. And I need a rest. I know that Dad and Christie and Megan really miss us, but they're surviving. I have been a really calm person lately, although there are still upsetting things going on. But the break is doing me good. I need to see if I can get a business game plan set up, real goals, and I thing that Dave Sharp can maybe help me. I have a lot to learn and I'm getting old! But anyway, we will just have to see how it goes. I'm starting to get excited! I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to check out your web site. I'll try to get it next time I attempt to use this computer. But for now, I bid a fond farewell to my big puddle of a son! Try not to totally melt away in the Texas heat. I hear that fall and winter are on their way. Hugs and kisses from Mom and the boys! the MOM Subject: Re: Life goes on! Received: Thu Aug 20 22:00:04 1998 From: (Paul l Naylor) Hi Jake It is good to hear from you!!! That is cool about Jorge. What about his wife? Or are there two Jorges? Why do your hands hurt? I guess I missed out on that in other letters. It looks like I will be in the CHP when you come home. I did the insurance and decided that I don't like it so I quit yesterday. In the mean time I am painting again. I always enjoy your letters, keep sending them. I am just way too busy to write much so maybe on sunday I'll write again.