Subject: Hola amigo bueno Received: Mon Jun 1 22:57:22 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob! I just got your letter in the mail today! What a perfect city you are living in! (Mission!) :) hehehe! Make sure you send me the pictures! I never got any of the apartment place that you lived in! And if nothing else, this companion likes computers more and probably won't make you go watch him play sports all day long on your P-Day! (Hopefully at least!) I worked this WHOLE weekend!! Let's just say that I worked FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY and now MONDAY! PLUS, I'm working this TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!! That's SIX days in a row, but they're seperate weeks, so I don't even get any overtime pay! Oh least I'm oging to get a bet big pay check come two weeks from Friday! I also made a screw up today on when I went in! I was supposed to clock in at 8:30 and leave at 5 today, but I messed up and clocked in at 8, and by then it was too late, so I only stay until 4:30, which left Laura alone on the phones at the end of the day, and with how they were ringing off the hook all day, I won't be surprised if she's STILL there answering them tomorrow morning when I get there...AT 8:30 THIS TIME!!!! AND, get THIS! I am doing booth breaks on Wednesday, which means that I have to open the booth for Morning Zoo Rise, which means I have to CLOCK IN at 7 in the morning! Meaning I have to leave the house at 6! Meaning I have to WAKE UP at 5!!!!!! Can you believe it? That's got to be against the law or something! But, on the bright side, I will get to get off at 3:30! :) Which should be nice! I just can't wait until I get my next, *NICE*, paycheck!! That will all go straight to my desk though!! But at least it will put me that much closer to having a room that is ORGANIZED! My room is STILL such a mess right now! Until I get my desk, I just don't have room to put a lot of my junk!! Primary Elections are tomorrow...I have to vote on all the state politicians and everything...I dont' even know exactly who I'm going to vote for or anything. All I really know is that I am going to vote DEMOCRAT for that sick or what? Jane Harmen is the only person running who I feel is at least HUMAN! So that's who I'm going to vote for I think..but I don't know much about any of the other people that are running...looks like I'm going to have to do some reading and stuff before I go to the polls tomorrow...but I don't really know...I jsut have to get up the energy to read the damn booklet! Well...I really should be getting ready for bed right about now! I have to wake up in the morning unfortunately! Oh well...I'll write to you again as soon as I have something interesting to tell ya...oh...and I'll be sure to tell you about the season finale of DS9...ASSUMING it ever AIRS! There has been repeats for the past 2 weeks!!! There should be 2 more new episodes this week, so I'll let ya know I'll talk to you later! Travis Subject: Mi vida continua.... Received: Thu Jun 4 22:26:19 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob! I hope that you are going to check this e-mail now instead of your hotmail account...that was the impression I got from your last e-mail...I just don't know how accurate it was...your KNOW how great my deductive abilities are!! Well...I worked a TON this week! Yesterday was my sixth day of work in a row, and today was the first day I had off! I was SOOOOO nice! I got to sleep in until like 11 :) NIIIIIIICE! :) Then I woke up and took a nice, leisurely bath...NIIIIIIIIICE...just a good morning all around. I just can't wait to get the paycheck that will include the hours I worked this week! I get paid tomorrow (actually, I won't pick up my check until 6, but hey..), but the check that will include all the hours that I worked this week and all the ones I worked next week will be REALLY nice and I won't get it until mide June...oh well...but the other day was cool. I was break person in the booth which was actually a lot of fun...I have to wake up at 5:30 to be there in time, which actually kind of sucked, but it wasn't that bad...anyway, I was there by 7 and got the charges from downstairs then got the cash bags from the cash office, then went to security so that I could get my armed escort out to the Membership booth...I actually remembered how to open the booth, which was really good, considering the fact that I hadn't opened it in like 3 week! But I just ran charges through the machine from the people who called over the phone for like 30 minutes, then opened the booth and called Ann Marie from downstairs who came up and kept on ringing them...anyway, I was supposed to leave the booth at 8 to go downstairs and work there, but the second booth person, Laura, didn't get to work until almost 9, so I got to stay up in the booth which, when it isn't busy, is a lot more, I was working with LeeAnn who is just really funny! You'd love her! Anyway, Laura got there, and the charges still weren't finsihed so I stayed up there even longer! Anyway, out of a 8 hour day where I was supposed to spend only about 3 hours in the booth, I spent about 7...hehehe! Laura and LeeAnn wanted me to stay up there and help them ring up the charges and enter them though, so it's not as if I were slacking off or anything, but it was a lot of fun, because they're both just cool...we had a good time AND got all the work done! It was amazing! There had to be over $7,000 worth of charges just from that one day! The phone must have been ringing off the hook with membership orders from downstairs!!! Anyway, I'm going to be working Booth breaks again on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, so that should be pretty cool. I talk to Lauren today! She's going to have a lay over here in San Diego when she flies to Guadalajara for her summer session on the 22nd of June from 9-12. I'm going to go down there and just sit at the airport with her. At least I'll get to see her for a bit over summer that way! It kind of sucks, but at least it's SOMETHING, since I can't go up there! Oh...and this is a bit you remember Tiffany Frowiss? I've know her since like kindergarden and I saw her again the other night when I went to pick up chinese food for dinner at the Mandarin Dumpling where she works. Anyway, she gave me her phone number and told me to call her, so I did today. We talked for over and hour and she's going to call me next week when she finds out what day she has off and we're going to go out to see a movie or something...I think it's just going out as friends, but I'm not sure, so I'm feeling a little guilty, but I don't think it's anything big...I'll let you know how it goes! Let's see....I don't think I have anything else to tell you...I started writing this letter like at noon today and I'm just know getting to the finish at 9:30! I haven't been typing all this time, don't worry! My typing skills aren't THAT bad!! hehehe! Anyway, I'll talk to you later and I'll drop you a line as soon as something interesting happens! Be sure to write to me on your P-day on Monday! I'm going through even MORE withdrawal now that I'm not getting your Wednesday e-mails! First, no every-day contact, then no phone calls, then no 2-day e-mail! Next thing you know, we're going to be back to the damn pony express!!!!!! Anyway, I'll talk to you soon! Travis Subject: Your WebPage Received: Mon Jun 15 07:44:16 1998 From: Scott Kanuha Hi! It's me! I got to work a little early...only about 30 MINUTES!!! But it occurred to me (for the first time) that today is Monday and you write to me on Monday! (Duh!) And I couldn't remember if I wrote to you about your webpage or not...I saw it and it's looks pretty cool, definately needs more stuff though! As for a scanner, I don't own one as of yet (that's one of the 50,000 things on my list!) but if you send me pictures or whatever, I can get them scanned for you, that's no problem at all. I think it's really cool, just need to add more than 4 links that don't go anywhere!!!! :) And make sure you include lots of Star Trek and Poobahness!!! I'll talk to you later! Travis Subject: Greetings from the long-lost sister! Received: Wed Jun 17 11:54:19 1998 From: (Anna C Naylor) Hello Big Bro! Sorry that it has taken me so long to write. I keep thinking that it is something on the top of my list, but I am always working and when I am not working at one of my three jobs, I try to catch a couple hours of sleep Well, graduation was on June 3rd. It was very interesting because it started raining during the ceremony, and they were letting us go get our diplomas as soon as we got through their announcing our names. They were still reading names as I was leaving and I was kind of glad I wasn't still sitting out there. The SBO president's mom, along with some other mothers, threw a big graduation party at the Cottonwood Rec Center. It cost $25, but it was a ton of fun and there were a lot of seniors there. They had a magician, a hypnotist, and they even rented a ton of those big blow up things (such as slides, fly nets, and bungee runs). Overall, the party was a lot of fun. I'm not doing much right now other than working like a dog and catching my Z's whenever possible. I miss you a lot and as soon as I get settled with everything I will be writing a lot more. I will expect ytou to write to me to since I'm not going with mom on Friday to San Diego. I'm going to stay here and go to school at SLCC and keep working. Well, Michael and Tommy are begging me to come watch a movie with them, so I am going to go watch it. I will write longer later. Love ya tons. Love always, Christie Subject: Yes, I am alive Received: Tue Jun 9 10:04:11 1998 From: (Megan M Naylor) Hello Jakie Poo Sorry it has taken me so long for me to write, but you know me, I HATE to write letters. Besides it has been so crazy around here. So lets see what's been going on around here. Well school is finally over but that doesn't mean that I get to take a rest, Oh NO! School took so much of my time, I mean I was only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night and having early morning sem, it was just a pain in the booty. Then when school was over I had to go up to Colorado with mom. I actually just got back like ten minutes ago and i thought i had better write you. I really feel bad that I don't write often but I'll try a lot harder K. I'll let mom go into detail about Colorado and stuff. But I promise I'll write more often. I have a computer question for you too. You know that the computer is at the hotel, which I did a good job of setting up, but anyway, I can't get onto the internet, the modem is set up and everything and I changed the modem config so why won't it work? Any words of advise? I'll write you again before we go to Cali K, Love ya lots. Meg P.S. send me copies of your letters mom doesn't always tell me when you write K Subject: a new week Received: Tue Jun 16 23:46:34 1998 From: (Helen M Naylor) June 15, 1998 Dear Jacob, I'm on my way to do laundry, so I won't take long. Megan is going to babysit for Angie and I'm taking the boys with me to run some other errands in trying to get prepared to go to California. I'll probably head down this Thursday or Friday, depending on how much I can get done. Lots to do and not much time left. I need to get my driver's license renewed, car registration, all the things that we are not taking to CA out of the hotel, etc. It's not quite as hard as getting ready to go on a mission, but I am still trying to be prepared. Megan says I can still retrieve my mail at Grandma's house, to you should probably contact Dad through the real mail or Christie's e-mail address. I don't remember if I gave you the new P.O.Box number, but here goes. Mom P.O.Box 753 Sandy, UT 84091 at least for the next six months! Or you can write me at Grandma's for the next couple of months. We'll see how it goes. Your letter was great. I always knew I had a safety kid in you. But as for Michael, I'm not quite sure! It's more likely my DangerSon. Hugs and Kisses, Mom Subject: gratefully alive Received: Thu Jun 11 14:20:00 1998 From: (Helen M Naylor) June 10, 1998 Dear Son of the infernal cockroach pit! Well, you got a nice new stake center, but have squallor to dwell in. There's always a trade-off! The motel room is kind-of in a non-cockroach, squallor condition, but as soon as I finish my letter to you, Megan and I are going to hurry and clean before the game starts. I haven't been "Home" much today. I had to do laundry, which cost me $12 - $15 per visit, one visit every 4-5 days. It took me about3 1/2 hours, and Tommy went with me. What fun! So now we have to get ready for the Jazz, and hopefully it won't be too bad, not like last time. Last time we lost by like 40 points. Very sad! If Colorado was sad, so I won't go into it. I will say that I did better at the doctor's office and Janet's party than I did in Colorado. Now I'm trying to unload some of these candles before I go to CA. next week. We are probably going to do Thomas' birthday party on Friday. We're trying to do it inexpensively, so I think we'll go to Alta Canyon and go swimming and have cake and treats. I'm going to have to have the mom's stay and help keep an eye out for all the little rugrats. I am sorry for the state of your apartment. I'm sorry but if that is what happens without inspections, I guess they need to start doing them again! You can't forget the part about cleanliness being next to godliness, and heaven forbid that an investigator ever see an apartment in that condition - they wouldn't listen to another word you had to say! You make a mother proud to know that it's important enough to you to have cockroach and mouse pooh off your dishes! Seriously, use clorox and water mixed to disinfect and protect you from getting the hunta virus. And rubber gloves wouldn't hurt either. So this too shall give thee experience. Well, it's getting late by the time I get to finish this. I'll go for now. I love you son. Hang in there. Things usually improve, or else you get transfered before too terribly've been out for almost 1/4th of your mission. WOW! Amazing! Hugs and kisses, NaylorMOM Subject: Sunny and Humid Southern California Received: Tue Jul 28 22:18:20 1998 From: (Helen M Naylor) Hello Son! I know it's been a while since I sent you E-Mail, but I haven't wanted to impose on Chris and Suzan in the evening, but now I had to come and do some more invitations, so I'll take a minute to write. Nancy and family went home late Sunday night, right before I went to the airport to pick up Tom and family and Grandma on their return from Disneyworld. It was a fun, but very hectic week. I'm really tired and ready for some down time!!! I never thought I'd say that our boys are quiet, but after last week, I'd have to say so. What a week!!! I have an advertisement coming out tomorrow in the San Diego Seagull ( the local church news) and I'm anxious to see what kind of response I get. Hopefully tons and tons!!! Dad is bringing Megan down this weekend and probably Jennifer Gardner too, to spend some time with Liz. They want to go to the beach, Corvette Diner, Planet Hollywood and Disneyland. We should have another crazy week ahead! Hopefully, Dad will be able to bring down some of the new candle stuff that I need so that I don't have to wait for it to get shipped. I am finally having Diane's candle party next week. I hope it's really good! Well, it's not as bad as cockroaches, but we have an invasion of crickets in the garage. Sorry to hear that you are still being "PLAGUED" by those most disgusting creatures. We have just had a sample of the humidity that I'm sure you're suffering with. Are you adjusting to it at all? I hope you don't get heat stroke! And I think I need to send you some sunscreen - do you want some of that purple or blue stuff? Or would that be against mission rules? I think that the people on the street would think you were getting ready for Halloween early!!! I bought a new program. It's DJ Inkers Fontastic! 2. I need to get the Fontastic! 1 to put onto Chris and Suzan's computer, so that I can use the fonts that I love and miss and are not on Dazzle Dazes! It's late, and I have a very important date with Lauren, so I'll say ta ta for now! I love you. Work hard! Don't let the bed bugs bite! Or even survive, for that matter. Hope you like the Disneyland pennies. Hugs and Kisses, Mom Subject: Well...well...well...lots and lots and lots! Received: Fri Jun 12 18:45:04 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey! How's everything going with you? Let's see...let me tell you about mi vida! Okay...ten hour work days are going to be starting Monday at the Zoo...actually, I'm really looking forward to it! I only have to drive down to San Diego 4 days a week, and what's 2 more hours once you're there? I'll have Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thrusday off for the entire summer, and I will work with different people each day...On Monday's I will work with Noah, who's a cool guy, on Friday, I'll work with the new person, who hasn't been hired yet, and won't be for about another week or two...on Saturday, I'll work with Jesse, who's becoming a good friend, and on Sunday I'll work with Claudea, who's funny as remember Mo Jones from 8th grade when she worked in the library last period with us? Claudea is Mo's mom...small world, huh? Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it! And, last night was Jesse's graduation at Golden Hall downtown. Me, Scott, Michelle, Ann Marie, LeeAnn, and Krissy from work at went to Horton Plaza for dinner and then went to Galaxy's for Ice Cream! :) Then, we had time left before the graduation, so we walked in to FAO Schwartz...let's just say, the people I work with are Poobah quality! :) heheeh! It was so funny! They were running around the store making fools of themselves and stuff! It was funny as hell! Then, we went out to Golden hall and got seats on the top balcony, and when Jesse walked by, I think our little 6 person group was louder than the rest of the entire audience combined! hehehe! It was so funny!!! And I had a great time! Plus, we're having a surprise party for him at work on cream at 8 in the morning...are these people Poobah quality or what??? Next thing I know, the entire office is going to be running to worship the porceline god every twenty minutes.... hehehe! Then, I got called by the people I used to work for a GroupMed to do some financial work...basically, I was corporate accountant for the day! It was acctually pretty cool, and I got $70 for 5 hours work...Not bad! :) hehehe! Then, let's see...I'm house-sitting again for the Justeson's from June 24-August 3...OVER A MONTH! It will be fun, becuase they paid me like $150 for just the one week that I was there over Spring and they have a really nice, big house! Plus, it's closer to work and stuff, so my commute will go down a ton! Let's just say, I'm going to be rolling in the dough this summer! I can hardly wait! :) :) :) Oh! And, I'm going to get to see Lauren for a little while on the 22nd of this month. I don't know if I told you that or not, but she is flying to Guadalajara for summer session and she has a 3 hours layover in San Diego, so I'm going to go down to Lindberg Field and sit with her and stuff. It will be nice to get to see her at least for a little while, ya know? I just got the final plate in this series I've been receiving from the Hamilton Collection. I think you'll love it! The painting style is kind of like those things with the whales in space and stuff, only it's the Original Enterprise, the A, the D, and the E. They are in this frame thing and they are all flying out from a center sun's hard to'll just have to see it when you come back to San Diego! I had to get an oil change in my car already! And I haven't even made my first payment yet! My poor car!!!! Look what living in Alpine has done to my poor car!!! WAAAAAAHH! Well...that's all I have to say...actually...I know there is something else that I am forgetting, but I don't remember what it...OH! Wait! I remember now! Mom, Dad, and Brett are going to Laughling next weekend WITHOUT ME!! Can you believe it?? I have to work, so I don't get to go...does that suck??? Oh least I'll get the house to myself and I'll get to spoil Daisy even more! (If that's possible...) Oh...and it's coming up! This next Thursday, Dax dies...*sniff*...I'll let you know all about the tragic event...I know you'll be crying too! I'll tlak to you later! Travis Subject: the mom in mission viejo Received: Sun Jun 21 18:23:30 1998 From: "David A. Sharp" June 21, 1998 Howdy! Well, we got to Grandma's and couldn't find a computer. So we had to go drop Lizzie off at Nancy and Dave's and we are going to write you just a short note to let you know that we got to California alive. However, when we got to Escondido, something went wrong with the air conditioning and well, we're not running it yet. It kind-of sounds like a belt or something, so I'll probably wait until Dad comes down in a week or two and see if he can fix it before I take it to a repair shop. Grandma is already gone to Kansas for a week to tend Grandkids for Terry and Suzie. We have been to LaJolla Shores, and it just wasn't the same without you. We managed to get away from sunburns except for the back of Michael's legs and Lizzie's got a little also! But I escaped the deadly sun! The first time in years! Nothing new to report on candles, but I've got some parties scheduled in the next couple weeks. I'll keep you posted. Hope all is going well. I hope that the cockroaches haven't attempt to carry off your safety hats. This I have got to see. So take a picture and let me see. We are leaving any minute, so I'll say good-bye and let Megan say "hi". Hugs and kisses, Mom Hey Jakie Poo, Mom said I had to write you a quick note, so hello. California is pretty boring there's not that much to do but oh well. There's no one to do anything with. I can't wait to get back to Utah where I know people. Well I gotta go I'll write you later. Megie Hey jake How ya at nancy and dave's house because im going to camp with jamie so far ive gone to disneyland shopping the beach etc .i miss you and ill write later. Subject: Long time not chat!! Received: Sun Jun 28 22:43:14 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob! Sorry I didn't get a chance to write you last week! I've been so busy, and I've been having problem with my USD mail server, so I couldn't send out messages for a few days there...naturally, the days I had off from work and had free time!! Anyway, I don't remember whether or not I got to write to you this week or not! If I didn't tell you all about the Season Finale of DS9, let me know and I will...I know I've WRITTEN it about 20 times, I'm just not sure whether or not you've actually RECEIVED any of them! Computer problems Suck!!!! Anyway, I just upgrade to Windows 98! Just came out this week! It's really neat! There aren't that many changes between 95, but all the changes are for the better...and get this! I actually LIKE Internet Explorer! That's the program I've started using now! It's so much easier!! Uh oh...Microsoft is creeping into more territory...You'll have to see it when you get back, but It's pretty cool...actually they might get it on that library computer you use, huh? Oh well...just letting you know!!! I don't know how much I am liking these 10 hour workdays...I am feeling SO beat!! I'm work 11-9:30 for the past 3 days and then I worked today from 7-5:30! That means that last night I didn't even get HOME until almost 10:30 and then I had to wake up by 5! It was horrible! And I couldn't go straight to bed right when I got home!! Oh yah...the new girl at work started...she's like in her 30's and she's pretty good looking if I may say so myself, I'm just not sure about her personality! I've only talked to her a little bit and maybe it's just because she nervous because she just started, but she REALLY need to loosen up! And I'm not the only one who feels that way either! Hopefully everything will work out for the best...after all, I have to spend 10 hours a day one day a week working ALONE with her!! I'm starting my house-sitting should be fun...I just take my computer over there...I coulnd't be without a computer for that long!! Plus they pay me, and I could really use the money! I just got my new desk (which is killer by the way!) and I am now COMPLETELY running on empty in the financial arena, but it will be much better by the end of the week...I get the money from them for house-sitting and I get another paycheck from work on relief... :) Let's see...I think that's all I really have to say for know! You wrote me only a little letter last week, so write me a longer one this week or else!!!! I'll talk to you later!! Su Amigo, Travis Subject: Long time no habla!! Received: Mon Jul 6 09:32:21 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob! It just occured to me that today is your day for e-mail, so I hought that I would write you at least a little something before I have to leave for work! Well...let's see...4th of July weekend is over, which means that hopefully it won't be too crowded today...on the 4th, the Zoo got over 20,000 visitors in one day! The place was backed! The problem now is that the Del Mar Fair just ended last night, so all the people that have been tied up over there will now he heading to Sea World and the Zoo, etc, so our work load should increase... :( NOT FAIR!!! Let's see...not much else has been going on! I'm still house-sitting. I just wish they had REMEMBERED to leave me a check before they left!! Subject: Well...well...well...I sure as hell hope the Received: Tue Jul 7 12:04:50 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" What's this? NO LETTER??? The library BETTER have been closed for the 4th or else we're going to need to have a SERIOUS talk here buddy!! Oh well...I just expect a NOVEL next week, comprendo? Not much else has happened here...I just had to write to rat on you...:) hehehe! Let's last night was fun. Monday nights have always been fun, becuase it's just been me, Noah, and Krissy who work the night shift on Mondays, but that's going to change, because the schedule is giong through some modifications. That's going to suck though, becuase Mondays are so much fun! Last night we called and had a pizza delivered to the Membership booth! It was such a crack up! We just had a lot of fun. :) (And food is NEVER a bad thing!!) :P Anyway, not much else has been going was my first day off in a while, and one would THINK that I would sleep in, but no...come 7:30, my body said "Time to get up." I think I'm getting into a pattern...OH NO! I'M GROWING UP! AAAAAHHHH!!!! hehehe! Anyway, I just had to let you know that I DIDN'T sleep in today! quite impressive, isn't it? Well...that's all I really have to say for now...I'm sure that I'll write you again before Monday, at which time I EXPECT YOU TO WRITE ME BACK!!!!! Su Amigo, Travis