Subject: Re: Hey, sorry I missed you. Received: Wed Oct 14 19:32:24 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob. I haven't received your audio tape yet...I'll have to write you an e-mail with my reactions when I receive that... Let's see...I'm eager to get my life back to some sembelance of "normal", so let's start with your Star Trek Update! :) (Been a long time, huh?) Deep Space Nine just premiered last week...this season is pretty much going to be one big, long 26-part episode, so I'm going to kinda synopsis the two episodes which have now played as one, or else I'm going to confuse both of us! To start: Sisko is back on Earth at his father's resteraunt and has a vision from the Prophets. He see's a woman's face in the sand. He later finds out that this woman is his REAL mother. The woman is buried on a planet that is very distant, and Sisko feels that this is where the Orb of the Emissary is...the only Orb left that would not have gone dark after Dukat's little attack thing last season. Anyway, he, his father, and Jake all get ready to go, when in comes the new Dax, Ezri. She's an ensign who wasn't supposed to be joined, but while the Dax symbiont was being taken back to Trill, there was a problem, and Ezri and Dax were joined right away, because she was the only Trill on board the ship, so needless to say, she's a bit confused. ANYWAY, they head of to this Desert planet and Sisko starts to basically get delusional as he searched for the lost Orb. The Pa Wraths try to confuse him by bringing up images of Benny Russell (the 1950's guy who is supposedly living a parallel life to Sisko's from last season...I hope I told you about that one...!) Anyway, yada yada yada...Sisko overcomes the Pa Wraths' mental attack, opens the Orb, and the wormhole is reopened and the other Orbs all become light again! meanwhile...back on DS9...Kira has been promoted to Colonel, and becuase of the new Klingon-Federation-Romulan Alliance, the Romulans have been allowed to set up a "base of operations" on DS9 and a medical facility on one of Bajor's moons. As the Episode progresses, we see that the medical facility is actually a fully armed military base. Diplomatic channels don't work, so the Bajorans decide to put a blockade on the planet, which Starfleet doesn't approve the last minute, Starfleet agrees to help the Bajorans and the Romulans agree to create a real hospital. (Sorry if I'm leaving out the good stuff! I just can't put the visual effects into words!) Let's see now...the next plot...because Jadzia didn't die in battle, Worf believes that she is not going to go to Stovokor (Klingon Heaven) so he, Bashir, O'Brien, Martok, and (of all people!) Quark go off to fight a battle in her name...yada yada yada...good visual effects...they win, Jadzia makes it into Stovokor. That pretty much sums up the first two everyone is back in place on the station, and the next episode looks like it's going to deal with everybody readjusting to the "new" Dax. As for Voyager, it premiers tonite...I'll have to let you know! :) Now...let's see...that's the happy news...I think that's ALL the happy news... :( Nothing else is really happening...I'm REALLY not liking my QBA class...I don't understand ANYTHING, I can't understand the teacher, and I just plain old don't like it! I think I'm going to drop it...which will take me down to only part-time, but I think that this semester that might be better, becuase I'll be able to do the stuff around the house more and stuff....try to help pick up all the pieces, you know? Plus, I've decided to change my major from Business to Communications Studies. I think that's more along the lines of what I want to do, and QBA isn't a course that I need for Comm...I think that's just what I'm going to'll REALLY lower my course load, but I think that that might be for the best this semester. As for Dad's stuff, Nothing has been cleaned up for anything...everything pretty much the same way it was minus him...I think it's going to take a while for us to get up to the point of wanting to clean any of his stuff up...but I do think that by the end of next semester, we will be moving out of this house. I think Mom and Brett will get another house here in Alpine, and I will likely buy a townhouse/condo down in San Diego with some of the Trust money...that should be kinda nice...but it's not definite yet. As of now, I'm driving around Dad's truck...mine has a flat tire, and I tried to take it off, but when I went to unscrew the lug nuts, I bent the wrench! They're on that tight! Then, I got the automatic one and hooked it up to the air compressor...guess what...I broke the automatic one now! I don't know what to do!! I think I'm going to call AAA this weekend and make use of my "Roadside Assistance" package... Let's see...what friend's in SAESO are having a kind of memorial service tomorrow at 6 pm on Westpoint Field...a little informal...nothing much...just showing their support, which I think is really sweet. Dr. Kirkley, the academic advisor for SAESO, has been a great help to me during all of this! Well...I think that pretty much sums up everything that's going on in my life now...only about 10 pages, huh? Well...I'll hopefully get a chance to talk to you on Monday. If I end up dropping my class, I'll be here the entire time...Anyway, Have a good week and I'll talk to you later! Su Amigo, Travis Subject: Greetings from Utah! Received: Thu Oct 15 02:57:56 1998 From: (Anna C Naylor) Jake, Well, I'm sorry to hear about the hot weather. I wish we could get some of your heat. It is starting to get pretty cold here. Everyone thinks that I'm just a wimp, but I think I'm cold-blooded or something. Anyways, we have some snow up in the mountains. It's threatening to start snowing down here soon too. I'm not excited and I don't have a car decent to drive in the snow in. Dad keeps saying that I will get a car soon, but I know that we don't have the money for that. I'll just have to learn to drive really carefully or take the bus. Mom wants me to take the bus to and from school every day after the snow starts. It might not be too bad of an idea. Not too much out of the ordinary is going on for me. I am still going to school at SLCC. I still haven't found out what I need to do to transfer your stuff to the University of Utah from the community college. I'm looking for a job, but I hardly have any time to do much looking. I need to find a job fast though. I'm starting to need more and more money. Well, I must be off to do homework, so I will try to write more later. I love you. Keep up the good work big brother. You are my hero and a great role model. Send me some pictures so I can make sure you are doing alright. Love always, Christie (your favorite little sis) Subject: Re: Hi Paul Received: Sat Oct 17 16:56:19 1998 From: (Paul l Naylor) Hi Jake, I amleaving for the CHP academy so I can only say Hi and that I will miss your messages for a while. take care, PAUL Subject: RE: Greetings from South Texas! Received: Sat Oct 17 23:44:55 1998 From: Gabriel Gorog Well good day his majesty! :) U da man Jake! :) I am glad to hear that everything is going well for you ma man. Everything going well over here too.. guesss who my roomate is.. Mr. James Macauley. Isnt that cool:?.. yeah thats what I thought too :) aight his majesty.. I'll catch you later.. Gabe.. da otha da man! :) Ps ..hey did u get Subject: U there?? Received: Mon Oct 19 14:33:26 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Jacob? Where are you? You prolly couldn't make it to the Library today or something...I'm in the throne room waiting...I'll be here a while longer...see ya! Travis Subject: I Havn't forgto you Received: Tue Oct 20 03:31:28 1998 From: Douglas Hammond I thought you didn't want to talk to me. Anyway i got my email servers setup right. It sounds like you are doing awsome down there. What made Servando go through with it? To bad forthe Peraltas. Who is you new companion? Doyou like the guy? How is Travis doing? One in a while I chat to him with icq. Well my siter is geting married, I'm waiting to see if I got a job in manufacturing circuit boards and programming. Plus I'm looking into school. Yes all is well with Pat and I. Maybe too well. We need to be careful or we might run into trouble. That is worthyness. Nothing serious,just a kiss here and there a litle too often and long and ... Pat sold her laptop. So I obviously can't send it. But ifyou need a printer. When I got home my little bro. was the biggest shocker. he is sooo hudge. I bet you'll find the same in your brother. My ward is still the same. Igave my home coming talk last sunday. I had to wait 3 weeks after I got home to do it because of conference and ward conference and fast sunday. Crazy eh? I thought i would have a hard time filling time but I neverhad enough. It's neet how the mission changes people. I loved it. Well let me know if I can help you. I got win 98. It looks ok and runs better than 95. Just need lots of memory to run the thing. Did i tell you they lost my luggage? Well they did, but I got it back after a couple of days. My graphics card works great! Well so long for now. Subject: hi Received: Tue Oct 20 10:01:03 1998 From: Dawn Burnett@PCS PRIMECO 10/20/98 09:01 AM Hey jake ! how'r you holding up under the pressures of . Being good? are the docters having you take vitimin B6? if not you might want to both of my parents have carpultunnl and they say that it is a prevention mesure and that it strengthens the tendons.... if you are wondering this is dawn ... your sisters little friend ME anny ways i have written you several times but i had a time getting your address and once i did i couldnt seem to get the letter into the same room with the envalope that had your address on it and when i found out that you had an e-mail address well this is a whole lot better for me because at work (where i am) i have to check my mail at least once every hour! but anny who .... you should feal special you are the only missionary that i have written and i know quite a few who are out! (SIGH) .... but anny who how is it out in that world out there? please dont hurt yourself anny more your makking christie worrie abt you! she misses you and i miss you goofing off ..... gotta go my break is over ttyl -Dawn Subject: Your tape Received: Thu Oct 22 02:17:25 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Hey Jacob. I got jst finished listening to your tapes today. You know that I'm not a "religious" person, but I am a "spiritual" person. I do truely believe that dad has moved on to another stage of existence. The exact definition of that stage I'm not sure of, and I don't think it's something that any person can truely understand until they reach that point. Thanks for showing your support. As for the sexual orientation part, I could tell even before you said anything that you had a problem with it. It is okay for you to say it you know. It's not that hard...Bi-Sexual. I know that it will take time for you to get used to the idea, but I have not changed in the slightest since we went to MacQueen. Well...I take that back...but none of the changes are due to my sexual orientation. Nothing about me has changed. I told you the truth, becuase you are truely my best friend and I needed someone to talk to. I do hope that is won't change our friendship. As for "that lifestyle," I'm curious to know what part of it you don't find acceptable. Maybe I can convince you that homosexuality/bi-sexuality isn't a bad thing....the media has certainly managed to do it's part to show the "bad" side as often and as exclusively as possible, but the stereotypical view of non-straight people isn't a true one. If your concern is based on religious reasons, realize that all the biblical passages that are said to "oppose" homosexual behaviors are simply vague passages which have been interpreted in that way by anti-gay activists. These same passages are the ones that were anti-black a hundred years ago and anti-native american a hundred years before that. If there is some biblical passage that you are concerned about in particular, let me know and I'll give you the rebuttal...maybe I'll convince you that it's not an "evil" thing. Any other concerns that you may have, please let me know. I truly do hope that you can accept this... I'll talk to you again later. Travis Subject: Hola big bro.... Received: Sun Oct 25 23:30:54 1998 From: (Anna C Naylor) Everything is going well in Utah. Christmas music will be on the way before the end of the week. I am also sending you some of your present's not much, but I think you will like's more tapes..... is going alright. I can't wait until the end of the semester though. Then I can go down to San Diego for Christmas. I'm going to miss you even more during the holidays. I love you so much. I don't have too much news now, but I thought you might like for me to drop a line and just say hello. There is a letter coming with the tapes too. More info there. Well, I gotta get going. Church is today and I have tons of stuff to do for this upcoming week. I gotta get started on my term papers for institute. that could be an ok Sunday activity, right? I don't know. Maybe it's questionable. Well, bye for now. I love you cutie. Take care of yourself. *hugs and kisses* Christie Subject: Internet Message Received: Wed Oct 28 22:17:13 1998 From: (MS NANETTE S ANDERSON) What a story teller you are. I couldn't decide if this was all illusion caused by your illness or if this was a real true story. If it is, I am sorry about the uninvited guests to your apartment. Why not call upon the real general in charge of all missionaries (the 5- star one) and ask that you, of unworthy origin, be releived of this burden in the completion of your mission. If you pray with humility and real intent, maybe you will win. If not, then this is God's way to humble you and teach you to deal with adversity. I sure am glad I do not have to deal with that adversity though. It is nice to hear from you. Have a great day!!!! Nan Subject: Hola Emperor of Everything Received: Mon Nov 2 17:10:53 1998 From: (Anna C Naylor) Well, I have been working on your Christmas tapes, and they are finally finished. I am sorry to inform you that they will not be there for a while. We will send the shorts with the tapes too. Megan made you a tape of the music from "Mulan". I will try and make sure they get sent this week. Mom says that she will get your package with your shirts sent as soon as she can find them. She found out that they have been discontinued, so she is still looking for them. As soon as she finds them, they will be sent. She says that she hopes they will get there before you are transferred. What's going on in Texas? How's the weather? I hope that the flooding is stopped. The weather man has been saying snow for a while, but we have yet to see any flakes. It just keeps raining. Nothing much more. School is going well still. I can't wait until the end of the semester because I am ready to change classes. I am getting tired of the math class especially. I am always loaded with homework, but I guess that's a part of college life. Other than that, I don't know what else there is to say. Life keeps going and going like the energizer bunny. I guess I will write more later. Hope things are going well for you. I love you and I miss you. Keep in touch big bro. Love always, Christie