Subject: RE: Greetings... Received: Mon Dec 28 10:13:45 1998 From: "Travis A. Vowles" Jacob, I'm so glad that I got to talk to you on Christmas! It was nice to be able to have some "20th Century Communication" again! It's gonna REALLY suck when we have to go back to snail mail tho! Anyway. I have to leave for work really soon, so I don't have long to type, I just wanted to let you know that and to make sure that the Falfurrias address (the one with the 1/2) will be your new snail mail addy when your e-mail goes down. Talk to you soon buddy!!! Travis > -----Original Message----- > From: [] > Sent: Monday, December 28, 1998 7:13 AM > To: Travis Andrew Vowles; Christie Naylor; Megan Naylor; PaulNaylor; > Chris and Susan; Jay and Ruth > Subject: Greetings... > > > Well, I still have e-mail for a little bit longer, so I decided > that I would write in for a bit and let you know how things are going. > > FINE! > > There is not really that much to say about Falfurrias other than > it is in the middle of nowhere and there is nothing there but a > few houses and a little Wal-Mart Express which is the size of > about two strip-mall stores. Thus, it is small. > > We had a good Christmas at the Wilkinson's home this year... I > have only been in the area for about two weeks but I already feel > like I have known their family for a long time. > > Life is good... > > And before I go, I thought that I would leave you with a quote > from my last companion... > > A duck without wings only swims, but a duck with only one foot > swims in circles. > > Jake > The Emperor of Everything. Subject: smile! Received: Mon Dec 28 16:25:17 1998 From: SMILE!!!!! She smiled at a sorrowful stranger. The smile seemed to make him feel better. He remembered past kindness of a friend And wrote him a thank you letter. The friend was so pleased with the thank you That he left a large tip after lunch. The waitress, surprised by the size of the tip, Bet the whole thing on a hunch. The next day she picked up her winnings, And gave part to a man on the street. The man on the street was grateful; For two days he'd had nothing to eat. After he finished his dinner, He left for his small dingy room. He didn't know at that moment that he might be facing his doom. On the way he picked up a shivering puppy And took him home to get warm. The puppy was very grateful To be in out of the storm. That night the house caught on fire. The puppy barked the alarm. He barked till he woke the whole household And saved everybody from harm. One of the boys that he rescued Grew up to be President. All this because of a simple smile That hadn't cost a cent. Subject: !Rumores! Received: Mon Dec 28 19:03:37 1998 From: (MS NANETTE S ANDERSON) Thought I would write to you just in cse you get it before the email is cut off. Sorry to hear about that. Why do they object to your using email? Afraid you will get into the porno? Are you anywhere near Houston? I am probably going to Houston to see my brother who has lung cancer. I hope I will be helping him get to and from his treatments. Write if you can. Nanette Subject: *hugs* Received: Thu Dec 31 18:45:16 1998 From: (Anna C Naylor) Happy Hump Day! I can't believe that it's already been a whole year. That means we are halfway through waiting for you. I'm so excited. I have a package for you and I will be sending it soon. Happy New Year! Can you believe that 1998 is almost gone? It's amazing how time passes so quickly. I can't believe that it's been a whole year since the 1997. Well, I will write more later. I love you Big Jake. *hugs and kisses for my bro* Have a great New Year and an even better last half of your mission. Love always, Christie Subject: Moooooo!!!!!!!!! Received: Sat Jan 2 16:21:45 1999 From: (Anna C Naylor) Well, hello big bro! I told you that I would write more. I am so excited that You are more than half done.It was fun talking to you on Christmas. Just think....more than likely you will be here for next Christmas. I am so excited. Well, I am going to send you a package on Tuesday or Wednesday, so if there is anything you need or want, let me know before then. I don't have too much to say.....just doing the same old stuff.....working and getting ready to go back to school in a little more than a week. I guess that I will talk to you later. Have fun and be safe. I love you tons. Love always, Christie Subject: package Received: Mon Jan 4 15:16:31 1999 From: (Anna C Naylor) Dad wanted me to let you know that we got your package to go into storage. I will write more later, but I am off to work right now. I love you. Christie Subject: tapes Received: Tue Jan 5 02:22:43 1999 From: (Anna C Naylor) Hey Big Bro, Have you gotten any tapes in the past few months from me? It is weird that you haven't gotten any. I will look around and see if she didn't take them with her...other than that, is there anything else you need? I guess I will make another tape or two. Sorry that they haven't made it yet. Did you ever get the Handel's Messiah tapes? Or have they all disappeared? Well, I guess I'll make a tape or two to send with the package. I love you. Love always, Christie Subject: !Rumores! Received: Mon Dec 21 10:52:43 1998 From: Greetings! Well, I hate to start out a letter with bad news, but rumor has it that e-mail is going to be outlawed for missionaries fairly soon... as in, about two days... so I just wanted to get all of you one last email message before I go offline for a year... AFARGHH! But, enough of that, let's move on shall we? First off, I am in Falfurrias like I mentioned in my last letter... And thus I am in the middle of nowhere. You see, there are not any other missionaries within about an hour drive... so we are alone. The only other people that are out here as missionaries is an Elderly Missionary couple, the Christiansen's from Idaho. The seem to be very nice and Elder Christensen is the Branch president. Speaking of the branch, it is soooooo small. Including four missionaries and three stake visitors, there was a total of 29 people at church on Sunday in Premont (Where the chapel is) and then we drove for an hour and a half to Hepbourne to hold services for the few members that live out there... and there ended up being only one person that showed up... They hold services in the rec hall of the government housing district. It is nice of the manager to let us use the building for services. There is a lot of work to be done in the area, there are a total of 166 people that should be coming to church, but for some reason or another, they weren't there on Sunday... I will have to dig in and find out. After going to Hepbourne for services, we went to visit some of the members that live out there to see how they were doing, and we travelled down a country road to visit a member that lives down the way in the middle of a ranch. The funny thing is that as we were leaving a border patrol car came and and pulled us over in search of drugs. It was pretty funny. I guess that the Christiansen's know most of the patrol agents because they drive up this particular road three times a week and are stopped each time to be questioned... You see Falfurrias is the town with the highest ammount of drugs moving through it in the country. So they have a lot of Border Patrol agents all over the place. This week was kind of wierd because the Elder that I replaced was going home, but his parents were picking him up so he ended up staying in the apartment for an extra three days... I was certainly happy to see him go. Three Elders in one apartment the size of a one-car garage is to much for comfort. And besides that, you can't really be a district leader or a senior companion and learn the area when the old district leader and senior companion is still there telling you what to do... but he is gone now, so we are doing fine. As for the new apartment, it seems to be fairly decent... no bugs or rodents so it is all good. The few members in the area seem to treat us very nice.. oh, one thing that I forgot to mention is that our apartment is above the garage of a members house.. so that is nice. They give us our mail and we can use their washer and dryer. It comes in handy. But moving on with the apartment, we are doiung some cleaning, or I should say, some deep cleaning. Elder O'Gourman, the elder that just left didn't believe in cleaning house.. that is all that I am going to say about that. My new companion is Elder Taylor and he is a very nice guy. He is from Puerto Rico, and has been out on his mission for about eight months... he is also a native speaker, so he does a lot of the spanish stuff in the area. He also does translation in the branch. Well, I suppose that is about all that I have to say, so I will talk to you later, If it is possible, by email... if not, send me letters to show your interest and I will reply. The End Jake The Emperor of Everything. Subject: No More Email Received: Wed Jan 6 13:03:03 1999 From: Hi Everyone! I just wanted to write you this little note and tell you that I will no longer be able to use email. I know it is sad, but email is not going to be available to me for the next year. I hope that you will all be able to write anyhow. My current address is... 813 1/2 E. Bowie Falfurrias, TX 78355 you may send the letter to any of the following: The Great Jake The Emperor of Everything Jake Naylor Elder Naylor Elder Jake Naylor Sir Naylor or the preferred, Jake Naylor, Emperor of Everything. I hope to hear from you soon, and if you write me I will write back. So you better start the chain. Well, I guess I will write to you soon. Jake Emperor of Everything.