The Silver Harvester Requirements
Date Completed Item to be Completed
I. Planning and Goals
10/13/98 Review long range mission goals.
10/15/98 Review the bold headings of each principle of the Six Standard Discussions.
10/15/98 Review each phase of the Commitment Pattern and the Seven Ways of Calling Down the Spirit.
10/19/98 Review Doctrine and Covenants section 4.
__/__/__ Review Bronze Level Scripture Mastery.
II. Study, Finding, and Teaching
__/__/__ Testify to three part-member families a week for a month.
__/__/__ Present five Referral Dialogues or Alma 6:6 Dialogues each week for a month.
06/26/98 Read "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder."
09/27/98 Cold Contact fifty people in one week.
09/18/98 Finnish reading the Missionary Guide with your companion.
11/09/98 Study 1/2 hour daily from the red Spanish Infield Guide for 1 month.
10/21/98 Memomrize each principle and concept of the 3rd and 4th standard discussions.
__/__/__ Memorize the First Discussion in English.
III. Scriptures and Memorization
10/16/98 Memorize all of the Latter-Day Prophets and Current Apostles
04/15/98 Memorize Moroni 10:3-5
__/__/__ Familiarize yourself with the following scriptures: Know the reference, background, and meaning.
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