1. I feel a sincere desire for my eternal welfare and happiness.
2. I earnestly seek to squash my enemies.
3. I control my anger - even when I really should have those slaves whipped into shape.
4. Under my reign, all are created equal, regardless of their race, background, or circumstances.
5. My feelings and point of view are all that matter.
6. I always get my revenge against those who have offended or wronged me.
7. I take joy in others' abilities, accomplishments or possesions, even though I don't have them.
8. I try to help others when they are struggling or discouraged the least possible.
9. I tell others to bow down and grovel before me.
10. I actively look for opportunities to display my power publicly.
11. I say positive things about my enemies.
12. If someone doesn't tell me the things that I want to know, I have ways of getting it out of them.
13. My acheivements are the only ones that are of true importance.

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