is the attribute that you have chosen to work on.

Now, select a specific question from below by clicking on the button to the left of it. After you select a question you will be taken to a form that is ready for you to print out and then fill out so that you will remember to strive to improve yourself in this attribute daily.

1.My heart is made of stone - nice and hard.
2. I do what I want, regardless of what is right.
3. I like to punish my people even if they haven't done anything wrong.
4. I struggle with personal problems that limit my happiness and success as an Emperor.
5. I am dependable - I do the things that I say I will do.
6. I don't think about the laws of the land, they don't apply to me.
7. I focus on revenge, wrath, and other entertaining thoughts.
8. I follow the counsel of my aids - when I want to.
9. I work towards making myself happy - regardless of the cost to others.
10. My standards are the right standards - for me.