is the attribute that you have chosen to work on.

Now, select a specific question from below by clicking on the button to the left of it. After you select a question you will be taken to a form that is ready for you to print out and then fill out so that you will remember to strive to improve yourself in this attribute daily.

1. I am strong and prideful in heart.
2. I rely too much on my own abilities, believing that I can handle things without the use of slaves extensively.
3. I am sincerely grateful to myself for the greatness I have achieved during my life.
4. I feel that I am less important than other people.
5. I don't mind it when leaders or teachers tell me what to do.
6. I strive to be submissive to the people's will, whatever it may be.
7. It is easy for me to accept correction or criticism.
8. I sincerely believe that I cannot succeed without my counselor's aid and guidance.